Flexible Mobile Industrial CT System Integrated Within Shipping Container

The serial inspection of large quantities of components in the processing industry can be carried out quickly and cost-effectively using CT inspection. Until now, however, the prerequisite for this has been the transport of the components to the inspection location, which is associated with a high cost and time expenditure – especially when inspecting larger random samples. Delays in the supply chain are a frequent complication here.

To counteract this problem and provide a cost-effective solution, Microvista is currently developing a flexible, mobile CT system. This complex and so far unique system should be available for rental as early as the end of 2020. The CT is integrated in a standard High Cube 40-foot container and, in addition to (serial) scans, also carries out quality assessment fully automatically. The evaluation software developed by Microvista, which incorporates methods of artificial intelligence, has proven its worth for this purpose.

The process can be used, for example, to measure wall thicknesses, analyze porosity, check assembly and detect core residues or ridges in cast articles.

The temporary rental of a mobile CT system is useful to avoid additional costly investments including:

  • If a newly established production process is not yet capable and controlled, the result may be an excessively high reject rate. As soon as SOP is exceeded, an increased inspection effort is required. With the help of the mobile CT system, component inspection can be carried out quickly and inexpensively until production meets the required quality parameters.
  • A large batch of parts or assemblies are on hold due to a quality deviation. There are three possibilities for the manufacturer: Scrapping, replacement or inspection. Only inspection can minimize the loss of the batch and prove conformity for each part.

For more information: www.microvista.de