FlexGauge CMM Offers Alternative For Small Part Production Inspection

FlexGauge from Itaca, a QVI company, is a rugged and accurate small footprint CMM designed for simple integration into the shop-floor environment. Flexgauge measuring speed, together with its intrinsic accuracy and ability to withstand harsh production environments makes it the perfect machine to replace traditional inflexible production gauging fixtures.

The Flexgauge structure is based on all air bearing moving table and vertical stage. FlexGauge is ideal for the measurement of internal and external profiles of turned or ground rotating parts in the production environment for controlling the manufacturing process. The inspection cycle can be easily programmed by self teaching as the initial part is measured.

FlexGauge is a cost effective alternative to traditional dedicated gauging solutions. Coordinate Measuring Machines have long been used as flexible production gauges however their size and costs have made them prohibitive for most gauging applications.  The FlexGauge CMM configuration, utilizing proven CMM principles, addresses a current market vacuum. It is more than just a flexible gauging system: FlexGauge is a Mini 3D CMM with an absolute dimensional accuracy. The need of the ‘painful’ process of making masters and matching the results is no longer necessary. The Flexgauge absolute accuracy and advanced thermal compensation avoids this, giving an absolute answer to the simple question: “is the part good or bad?”

Two models of FlexGauge are available with measuring ranges of 160 x 100 x 160 mm and 250 x 160 x 250 mm. Measuring uncertainty with Renishaw SP25 scanning probe is 1.0 + L/300) (MPEE)

For more information: www.itaca-sw.it