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First Global Shutter CMOS UV Camera For Machine Vision Applications

Photonfocus, an ISRA VISION company, has developed customized solutions for numerous application fields in order to meet the growing demand for imaging processing applications in invisible light spectra. Now the Swiss manufacturer is launching a UV camera with global shutter technology for machine vision applications for the first time within its photonSPECTRAL platform. The camera is characterized by outstanding sensitivity: More than 40 % quantum efficiency between 170 – 820 nm. While the camera is optimized for UV applications, it can also be deployed in the visible spectrum and the near-infrared (NIR) spectrum due to the wide range it is able to cover. These properties also ensure applications are possible which are only just being created with the latest developments in LED and laser technology.

In the field of industrial image processing, the highly precise UV camera technology benefits from the global shutter technology, which provides high-resolution images of rapidly moving objects. The high-performance camera is particularly suited for complex inspection tasks, such as those in the semiconductor industry.

The pioneering UV camera of the MV4 series on the photonSPECTRAL platform impresses with a wide range of additional technologically innovative components. The backside illumination sensors (BSI) reduce the noise which results in significantly improved image quality. With a frame rate of 140 fps at a full resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels, the camera also captures extremely fast processes. In addition, the UV camera is equipped with a C-mount lens adapter and provides quick and reliable data transfer with its 10 GigE interface. The compact camera with an industry-grade enclosure is only 59 x 59 x 102.5 mm and can be supplied with electricity using PoE (Power over Ethernet).

The combination of UV and global shutter technology opens up a range of new application options. One example is safety-relevant applications, such as pantograph inspections. The superior camera technology recognizes early on when the pantograph needs to be replaced. Further application areas are in the glass industry, in recycling and in the automotive sector. The UV camera can also be used for the 100 % inspection of precious stones quality control.

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