First-Ever Pulsed Light Source Introduced

The ultra-fast focusing TAGLENS from Mitutoyo now has its own specially developed pulsed light source (PLS), adding more functionality including multi-focus and 3D imaging.

Designed to enable automatic focus control by matching the high frequencies of the Mitutoyo Tunable Acoustic Gradient of Index Refraction Lens (TAGLENS), Mitutoyo has developed the unique pulsed light source. As the PLS is synchronized with the lens’ resonance frequency via the controller, the observation position can be changed directly by adjusting the phase, thus making it possible to set desired focal positions without the need for any mechanical drive mechanisms.

Operating with a maximum frequency of 75kHz, the PLS can match the frequency of the TAGLENS at any point, delivering a pulse width of 50 ns~100 ns. Because of this, when paired with the most recent version of software available for the lens, an assortment of new features are readily available. Using the external trigger mode, real-time display of multiple in-focus images at different Z positions is now possible, providing up to 20 clear images, each with their own individual focal lengths. However, if a single image is all that’s required depending on the operator’s needs, the images captured with the multi-focus feature can be combined into one. This method yields an even higher quality image than can be obtained by relying on EDOF alone, creating a compounded image that has only the chosen Z positions in focus.

With the addition of the pulsed light source, the possibilities of going beyond 2D image inspection are now a reality. Currently achievable thanks to the option of capturing multiple images with different focal lengths by combining the TAGLENS with its specially designed PLS, 3D inspection can be performed quickly with normal two-dimensional imaging systems.

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