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First Annual Brunson Metrology Survey Launched

How tight are your tightest tolerances?

What are your most vital metrology instruments?

What technology will impact metrology in the future?

Seeking answers to these and other critical questions surrounding today’s metrology applications, Brunson Instrument Company has launched the first annual Brunson Metrology Survey.

“We learn a great deal through conversations with our customers, but our opportunities for dialogue have been limited by the pandemic,” said Deighton Brunson, company president. “The survey expresses our always-expanding curiosity in industrial measurement,” he added.

That curiosity has a profound historic legacy at the company. “My grandfather walked in to Boeing’s Wichita plant in 1947 with his land surveying equipment, and, by analyzing their requirements, refined that equipment to develop a brand new approach to industrial measurement,” Brunson commented. “This critical innovation came about because he listened carefully to the Boeing engineers just as we are tuning in to our customers today via the survey,” he added.

Taking on average 12 minutes to complete, the Brunson Metrology Survey features 36 questions, with many open-ended responses available to address application subtleties. Survey results will be published in September.

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