Fenceless Collaborative Robot 3D Scanning Cell

Applied Manufacturing Technologies (AMT), a Fanuc Authorized System Integrator, has developed a fenceless robotic 3D metrology solution incorporating a Fanuc’s CR-35iA collaborative robot. The system has been developed in partnership with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence utilizing the companies qFlash Blue Light Scanner to perform non-contact part inspection. qFlash offers a ‘targets free’ compact optical scanner with single pattern projection for robust part measurement and is able to operate in harsh production environments without requirement to treat parts prior to scanning. The Hexagon qFLASH projects a random pattern on the measuring object and analyses surfaces, features and edge lines using stereo vision.

Due to the collaborative nature of the Fanuc CR-35i robot standard safety fencing is not required reducing the overall system footprint.

The measuring cell utilizes Hexagon’s CoreView 3D Measurement software suite offering easy to use tools for off-line programming, dimensional measurements analysis and reporting.

CoreView empowers manufacturers to leverage the rich dimensional information data produced to improve quality throughout the product development, engineering and production process and offers unique capabilities for remote in-depth dimensional information visualization and analysis on multiple measurement results. CoreView is also capable of automatically generating a Master Part reference for future measurements based on multiple measurement results.

The Fanuc CR collaborative robot robot is equipped with collision stop protection with function to restart easily and quickly after a stop, comes with push back and anti-trap features for additional protection and to prevent the risk of pinching the robot is supplied wrapped in a passive soft cover.

For more information: www.appliedmfg.com