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February 2021 Metrology News Magazine

Editors Message:

As we close out February on the Metrology News desk we now realize that 2021 will not return to normality, with international travel, networking at business to business events, or large social gatherings being permitted any-time soon. The eventual cancellation of the international Control Expo this month, for the second year running, means that this principle industry event, used to showcase emerging and latest technologies by industry participants, will again force metrology equipment suppliers to focus all efforts on digital outreach.  While some of us are fortunate to have received the vaccination there remains a long way to go with the various international programs allowing the world to open-up completely again. We have published various stories over past weeks demonstrating the critical function metrology has played in delivering both the vaccine and application hardware ensuring quality assured programs.

The growing role of inline inspection and the increasing penetration of robots in industry performing measurement related tasks was a focus this month. We highlighted several robotic measured applications demonstrating how these automated inspection solutions are penetrating both low volume production plants as well as the higher volume automotive and consumers electronics manufacturing processes.

Over 90 articles have been published in this short February month demonstrating just how dynamic the metrology sector has become, with the introduction of both new products, and the increasing entry of artificial intelligence into the measurement field.

We highlight below in this months magazine just a sample of the articles published over the month. The complete library of February articles can be accessed by clicking here.

As usual I welcome your comments, news and views – my inbox is always open.

Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

Inline Measurement Delivers Improved Manufacturing Process Control

Inline Measurement is commonly understood as automatic measurements executed within a manufacturing process. If measurements are included within an automatic manufacturing process they are deemed in-process measurements while if integrated within a manufacturing line then the process is considered inline. If the measurement operation it’s separate from the manufacturing line … read more

Smart Factory Robotic Measurement Cell Launched

Measuring & Quality Solutions (MQS), headquartered in Germany, has launched the MANTIS automated robotic measurement solution offering a fully integrable turn-key inspection solution for the smart factories of the future. The MANTIS measurement system is described as a completely new approach to production measurement offering users an offline and online software … read more

Real-Time Production Line Automated 3D Quality Control

SMARTTECH3D has released Robotized, a combined industrial robot and 3D scanner solution, offering real-time production line automated quality control. Robotized is a fully automated measurement solution providing contactless digitalization of small and medium sized parts and assemblies. The system uses the latest SMARTTECH3D optical 3D scanning technology which incorporates advanced robot … read more

Robotic Measuring Cell Transforms Traditional Low Volume Manufacturing

A 122 years old railway wagon manufacturer in Russia has recently made a huge leap from using ‘old-school’ measuring equipment of calipers, gages and rulers to a high-performance fully automated 3D robot measuring cell. The project demonstrates that the leap from the past to Industry 4.0 and ‘The Smart Factory’ … read more

Robotic Metrology-Assisted Assembly Combines Photogrammetry with Laser Tracker

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has announced the installation of a new automated inspection system custom-built to meet the large-scale needs of wind turbine manufacturer Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy. Now operational at the Siemens Gamesa Cuxhaven offshore nacelle assembly plant in northern Germany, the unique installation combines the power of photogrammetry, … read more

Smart Sensor Adds 6DoF Alignment and 3D Mesh Generation

LMI Technologies (LMI) announced the official launch of Gocator 6.1 software. The new release includes the groundbreaking addition of high accuracy 6DoF alignment and 3D mesh data generation for advanced shape measurement on 360º surface scans using multi-sensor systems. In addition Gocator 6.1 also includes a new 2D contour-based part and … read more

REcreate Streamlines Reverse Engineering from Metrology Scans

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has unveiled REcreate, a powerful and flexible new software solution designed ‘from the ground up’ to make it easier and faster to reverse engineer parts from metrology scan to manufacturable model. Reverse engineering processes are routinely employed throughout manufacturing and maintenance processes … read more

Form Measurement and Defect Detection for Glossy Surfaces

Stringent quality demands are placed on components with glossy and reflective surfaces. Reflective and curved surfaces are often extremely sensitive and therefore difficult to inspect – yet precise quality control procedures are vital for manufacturers. With its SpecGAGE3D product family, ISRA VISION provides the ideal solution for quality inspections of … read more

Mitutoyo and Kitov Systems Partner To Integrate Smart Visual Inspection into Metrology Solutions

Mitutoyo Corporation, Japan, and Kitov, a developer and provider of automated smart visual inspection software solutions, headquartered in  Israel have announced the signing of a partnership agreement. The agreement will enable Mitutoyo to integrate Kitov’s technologies across its metrology solutions. As part of the agreement, Mitutoyo will invest and become … read more

New Generation SmartRay 3D Sensors Provide Micron Level Inline Inspection

SmartRay has launched its next generation of ECCO 3D sensors, setting new benchmarks for challenging metrology in applications where speed, precision and repeatability are essential. The ECCO 95+ range builds on the high performance and great value offered by SmartRay’s ECCO 95 sensor family, adding key benefits to integration and power … read more

Factory of the Future Summit To Showcase Latest Emerging Technologies

Digital transformation of processes in the manufacturing sector is progressing on a global scale with a variety of intelligent processes being developed and implemented yet a lot of manufacturers still depend on legacy technology and processes, which impedes their ambition of increased productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. The vision for the factory … read more

CONTROL 2021 Exhibition Cancelled

The decision is made: once again this year, that it will not be possible to hold the 34th Control international trade fair for quality assurance as an on-site, live event. After in-depth consultation with the exhibitors and the trade fair advisory board, trade fair promoters P. E. Schall GmbH … read more

First Cloud-Based AI Camera System Launched

Elementary Robotics, a rapidly-growing AI vision startup, has announced a new AI camera system for cloud-based inspection. The new system, which combines easy-to-use software, deep learning AI, and camera systems make it faster and easier for manufacturers to deliver top-quality products to their customers. Manufacturers have long used computer vision to … read more

AI Deep Learning Inspection ‘Takes-Off’ In Aviation Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used in many way: for data processing, analytics, combinatory methods, … AI is a concept that stretches over any possible application field. In the field of automated inspection, there are some basic concepts that can be applied to accelerate and improve the process. … read more

World-First Syringe AI Inspection Machine Successfully Validated

Syntegon Technology recently installed the first fully validated visual inspection system utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in an automated inspection machine. The installation constitutes a major step in the company’s sustained effort to introduce AI to pharmaceutical visual inspection, thereby exploring largely uncharted territory in the industry … read more

Target-Less Photogrammetry 3D Scanning CMM

The FLEX-3A series of 3D scanners, from Otto Vision Technology GmbH, are suitable for first article inspection, automated sample inspection as well as quality control of incoming and outgoing tools and machined parts. The 3D scanner offers a closed housing concept, long term stability of system calibration, completely automated multi-view … read more

Improved Capabilities and Responsiveness Through Investment in 5-axis CMM Technology and Flexible Gauging

A step-change in macro-economic factors led CMM specialists, Apex Metrology Ltd (Apex), to conduct a strategic review of its service offering. Customer demands were changing rapidly and becoming less predictable. Part complexities were increasing, delivery deadlines shortening and production volumes becoming more fluid. A move to Renishaw’s REVO 5-axis co-ordinate measurement system and Equator gauging … read more

Large Measuring Volume CMM Specializes in Inspection of Super Sized Components

The Wenzel Group LHF is a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) in portal design, especially developed for the measurement of large-volume components with typical applications including large drive trains, frames, engine casings and aircraft landing gear. The floor-level CMM is characterised by its open design and excellent accessibility. The introduction by Wenzel … read more

Re-Measured CMM Performance Offers Improved Speed and Accuracy

Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) manufacturer, LK Metrology, has designed a new, more efficient air bearing and carrier which are now being fitted as standard to its ALTERAC range of ceramic-bridge, multi-sensor CMMs. By significantly augmenting the pre-load on the structure, stiffness has been uprated without upgrading the guideway, leading to … read more

Metrology Partnership Brings Vision to CMM Market

Vision Engineering has announced that it is partnering with metrology innovator Aberlink, to add the first contact-only measurement system to its range of metrology systems. Designed for robustness, reliability, affordability and ease of use, Deltron, is a shop floor hardened non-Cartesian CMM with an innovative delta robotic mechanism, renown for repeatable … read more

Quality Control for Additive Manufacturing in Orthopedics

Additive Manufacturing is revolutionizing the industrial product chain. Its greatest challenge is to verify 3D-printed components where absolute reliability is required such as in the medical field. In the following interview Johannes Kohl, Project Leader for Strategic Business Segment Medical at ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions, and Edson Costa-Santos, Senior Application Development … read more

FlexScan3D To Power DIY 3D Scanners

Polyga has announced the availability of FlexScan3D software that allows users to build an affordable 3D scanner powered by the company’s proprietary 3D scanning platform. “Choosing the right 3D scanning software can make all the difference when it comes to building your own 3D scanner because it’s the control center for … read more

3D Scanning Driving The Automotive Industry

In today’s automotive industries, just-in-time and automated manufacturing workflows require exceptionally high levels of precision, repeatability and traceability. Car manufacturers, which work with parts assemblies from a vast array of different suppliers, need innovative solutions to ensure that components fit together optimally and guarantee their performance … read more

Verisurf Peel Back Value With MBD Based 3D Scanning Solution

Verisurf Software has announced a distribution agreement with peel 3d naming Verisurf as worldwide distributor for the complete line of peel 3D hand-held scanning products. In parallel Verisurf Software has also announced special limited time pricing on its 3D scanning and reverse engineering solution bundle. The turn-key scanning and reverse engineering … read more

Automated Gap Measurement Energizes Critical ITER Component

A team of engineers at Research Instruments (RI), Germany, have completed the ITER Inner-Vertical Target (IVT) prototype engineering phase. Achieved in record time and with tonnes of iron will, the team of experts successfully produced the second European prototype of a component considered as extremely complex even for those counting … read more

Aerospace Supplier Receives First PPAP Quality Certification

Hanwha Aerospace has announced that it had recently received the first Product Part Approval Process (PPAP) certification in the world from Rolls-Royce, one of the top three global aircraft engine manufacturers. The certification authorizes Hanwha Aerospace to perform PPAP inspections to verify that newly built aircraft engine parts meet requisite standards … read more

3D Scanning Aids Creation of Anniversary Harley Davidson Custom Bike

Harley-Davidson Fans are certainly familiar with Thunderbike . Founded in 1985, the company from Hamminkeln in the Lower Rhine region of Germany specializes in the retrofitting of Harley-Davidson motorcycles (custom bikes) and operates a roadhouse on its premises, which has become the place to be for Harley fans in Germany … read more

Moving Production Line Flush and Gap Inspection

The EINES Inline Flush & Gap Inspection System is claimed to be the first flush and gap inspection system able to scan on a moving line assembled automotive closures and bodies with no interruption of production tact times. The inspection system results in higher control, productivity and efficiency enabling real … read more

3D Laser Scanning Verifies Accuracy of AM Parts

Established in 1984, Neuchatel-based Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique (CSEM) is now one of Switzerland’s top, globally recognised research and development institutes, specialising in precision manufacturing, advanced microelectronics, microtechnology and digitalization. It is a private, not-for-profit organisation that designs, produces, assembles and tests novel products as well as solutions … read more

OSCAR to Bring MBD Within Reach of All Manufacturing Organizations

Action Engineering has announced the release of OSCAR, a Model-Based Definition (MBD) knowledgebase, to guide the future of 3D data adoption. OSCAR combines literacy and competency CAD-agnostic MBD training with CAD-specific resources such as templates and examples. This approach empowers users to understand core MBD concepts and then put their learning … read more

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