February 2020 Metrology News Magazine

Editors Message:

This month set another record for Metrology News page views clearly exhibiting that the site is continuing to grow its presence in the sector as the only daily source for up-to-date news. The February’s editorial focus was robot based metrology – an ever growing application sector. Featured robotic new stories included the “$1.9 billion acquisition of ISRA Vision”, “Cobot Measurement Delivers Inspection Cost Reduction”, “Chinese Robot Inspection Company Focuses on Automated Automotive Quality processes”, Vision Cobot Provides Mission Critical Inspection” , “Multi Part Robotic Production Measurement” and many others which can all be viewed by clicking here. Over 70 articles have been posted in February (another record) including “Gone in 60 seconds – High Speed Inline CT”, “3D CMM Measurement  Improves Productivity 4 Fold” “Universal Metrology Language Initiative Launched.” The full list of February articles can be reviewed by clicking here. We reported the cancellation of the upcoming Vision Exhibition in Shanghai due to the Coronavirus; and also reported on the ongoing softness being experienced in the market by many equipment suppliers, reporting financial results, and adjustments to work-forces to better fit economic conditions. Almost all businesses are now being impacted by disruptions in global supply chains and the economic uncertainties it brings.

Enjoy the read – stay safe!

Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

Gone in 60 Seconds – High Speed Inline CT

Waygate Technologies, a Baker Hughes business (formerly GE Inspection) will be introducing a cutting-edge high power inline microCT for NDT & metrology applications. The phoenix speed|scan HD, with a scanning volume: Ø 150 mm x 200 mm, resolution of 25-50 µm will offer cycle times of < 60 seconds making … read more

Portable Arm 3D White Light Scanner Launched

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched the RS-SQUARED Area Scanner for the Absolute Arm – pairing for the first time an area scanner with a portable measurement arm. Designed for high-speed scanning of simple shapes and surfaces, the RS-SQUARED can measure parts faster than conventional laser scanners and even other structured light scanners … read more

$1.9 Billion Atlas Copco Acquisition of ISRA Vision

ISRA VISION AG, a leading provider of surface inspection solutions and 3D machine vision and the Swedish global industrial group Atlas Copco have signed a Business Combination Agreement (BCA) to enter into a strategic partnership. For ISRA, the strategic partnership not only represents a way to further accelerate the growth … read more

Cobot Measurement Delivers Inspection Cost Reduction

The automatic measurement and evaluation of radii, chamfers and break edge on turbine engine components is one of many criteria in modern quality assurance at MTU Aero Engines. Currently three Cobot systems from Bruker Alicona are in use for break edge measurement. On top, the optical measuring solutions replace labor … read more

Automated Self-Propelled Gridplate Efficiently Transports Components

The ZEISS automated, self-propelled CARFIT eMOBEE honeycomb gridplate efficiently transports components for automated processes in the measuring laboratory. The increase in the variety of parts available and companies’ intensive efforts to inspect their components at an even faster rate means measuring areas must be properly equipped to achieve the necessary efficiency  … Read more

Retrofitted 5 Axis CMM Delivers Dramatic Inspection Time Improvements

After losing its 3-axis co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) to a devastating flood, Precision Machine & Auto Components (PMAC) had to act fast to find an alternative solution. Renishaw’s REVO 5-axis measurement system not only helped return a water-damaged CMM to operation, it also reduced cycle times by up to 60%. … read more

Robot Inspection Focused on Automotive Quality Processes

China has remained the world’s largest automotive manufacturing country and automotive market since 2009. In 2018, annual vehicle production in China accounted for 29 percent of worldwide vehicle production, which exceeds that of the European Union or that of the United States and Japan combined … Read more

Uniform Language For Metrology Initiative Launched

Networked, intelligent, self-controlling, resource-saving production – this is the high goal of Industry 4.0. To ensure that metrology also fulfills its role in this scenario, Mahr is working together with other manufacturers on a new communication standard based on OPC UA. The Smart Factory means data transparency on all levels … read more


Vision Cobot Provides Mission Critical Inspection

A Universal Robots UR10 collaborative robot equipped with a vision camera enables Ohio-based contract manufacturer, Comprehensive Logistics, to reach 100% quality in the sub-assembly of automotive engines. At the horseshoe-shaped assembly line in Youngstown, Ohio, engine parts move like clockwork on a conveyor with 60-second takt time for each station, leaving … read more

Multi-Part Robotic Production Measurement

Forges de Courcelles is a forging company based in the Haute-Marne department of the Grand-Est region in France. It is a specialist manufacturer of crankshafts for prestigious automotive brands. With its new automated optical 3D measuring cell – the ATOS ScanBox – the business has been able to improve its … read more

3D CMM Measurement Improves Productivity 4 Fold

A leader in aeronautical subcontracting, Figeac Aero is involved in almost all ongoing civil aeronautical programs. The company has been continuously growing since it was founded in 1989. With a strategy built around performance and investment into the industrial machinery, Figeac Aero keeps one step ahead of the competition. Quality assurance … read more

Measuring Large Fabrications and Castings on the Production Floor

The large machined casting and fabrication manufacturing sector, which encompasses ship building, heavy machinery, wind energy and numerous others, must precisely measure 3D part features and their geometrical relationship to other critical features, integral in large physical parts. Over the past decade, the Laser Tracker has increasingly become the ‘go-to’ … read more

3D Smart Inspection Delivers Advanced Scan – CAD Comparison

Many manufacturers are still using hand tools such as calipers, micrometers, or height gages for parts measurement, causing problems with consistency and measurement for complex geometries. 3D scanning provides a more comprehensive inspection report for in-process and final verification for a wide variety of industries. To automate this process, 3D Infotech … read more

Overcoming Pitfalls When Measuring Thin, Parallel Optical Surfaces

Author: Dan Musinski Vice President of Strategic Business Development, Zygo Corporation Driven by the demand for smaller and smaller consumer products and semiconductor devices, manufacturers require thin planar optics for an array of applications. This puts the responsibility on the material and optics manufacturers to ensure the glass is flat and … read more

Large Measurement Range 3D Smart Sensor Launched

LMI Technologies (LMI), a global leader in 3D scanning and inspection has announce the launch of its Gocator 2490 smart 3D laser line profiler. The sensor achieves a 2 m field of view, large measurement range, and a 1 m x 1 m scan area for measurement and inspection of … read more

Robotic Pick-and-Place Provides Automated Small Part Measurement

New Scale Robotics has introduced its Q‑Span Automated Small-Part Measurement Systems for quality control (QC) teams in high-mix, small-batch manufacturing environments. Q-Span Systems combine robotic pick-and-place with automated measurement of small parts. They easily integrate into existing workflows in the QC lab or on the production floor, and automate the  … Read more

New Name in Computed Tomography

The inspection technologies business of Baker Hughes Digital Solutions has introduced a new name, logo and website. The former GE Inspection Technologies  is now called Waygate Technologies, a Baker Hughes business. As a world leader in non-destructive testing (NDT), Waygate Technologies offers the broadest portfolio of industrial inspection solutions – including  … Read more

Circular Geometry Inspection Platform Aids Rotor Measurement and Assembly

RPI UK has installed two integrated Rotor Measurement and Assembly Platforms (iMAPs) at Atlanta-based Delta Airlines; the Rolls-Royce approved MRO facility. RPI is a world leading specialist developer and manufacturer of precision positioning devices for high accuracy rotary and angular inspection systems. The Atlanta-based Delta Airlines facility carry out maintenance, repair  … Read more

Optical Metrology To Take Center Stage at Control 2020 Quality Assurance Exhibition

As probably the world’s most important business platform for industrial Quality Assurance the Control Exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany draws international market leaders and this year runs from from 5 to 8 May 2020. The event has long been a driving force for the German, European and international Quality Assurance markets … Read more