Fast Inline Multi-Projection 3D Sensor Launched

Keyence has launched in Japan its new XG-X series of inline 3D sensors. Keyence claim industry’s first high-speed controlled 4 flood projector and telecentric lens offering a 9.44 million pixel camera with Keyence’s unique projection algorithm achieving high-precision 3D inspection.

The XG-X inspects the whole field of vision (60 mm x 60 mm) at high speed and is capable of providing inline 3D image and dimensional inspection of any workpiece and accurate within its entire field of view. The sensor is equipped with a dedicated processor inside the camera.

Quoted accuracy is 1 μm and capable of measuring in just 0.6 seconds. In-head parallel processing enables 3D image generation from the captured point cloud while the system is capturing the next part image with quoted repeatability of 1 μm. The sensor projects and analyzes the projection patterns at 90° shift intervals reducing the effects of multiple reflections with resulting imaging the result of multiple reflection suppression pattern technology.

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