New FARO Vantage Laser Tracker Sets New Standard for Portability With Remote Controls

The FARO Vantage product family consists of two high performance models, the VantageE with an operating range of 25 meters and the VantageS with an operating range of 80 meters. Both compact models offer industry leading portability with an integrated master control unit (MCU), hot swappable batteries that eliminate the need for AC power and cabling, and industrial grade Wi-Fi for reliable, wireless communications. This set of advanced features, along with a single carrying case, enables easy transport between job sites and/or locations within the factory by a single user.

The new FARO Vantage Laser Tracker platform is the first that utilizes FARO patent pending RemoteControlsTM for advanced control of the system using a mobile phone or tablet device. The mobile device not only controls the movements of the laser tracker but also delivers enhanced functionality such as live video feed from targeting cameras so that a single operator easily control the laser tracker from anywhere in the measurement area. Also included are innovative workflow management features such as remote accuracy checks and programmable remote warm-up so the user can schedule the device to turn on in advance and make it ready for immediate operation when the operator arrives to commence inspection tasks..

FARO RemoteControlsTM also includes next generation functionality where the laser beam can be automatically reestablished with a simple set of gestures, indoors or outdoors. This dramatically improves efficiency and productivity by eliminating the challenge of a broken laser beam and the need to manually reacquire the target.  FARO RemoteControlsTM is also claimed to significantly reduces user training by dramatically increasing the ease of use for the operator.

Both FARO VantageS and FARO VantageE fully support FARO’s patented Super 6DoF (Degrees of Freedom) TrackArm solution, which enables a Vantage Tracker and a FARO ScanArm, or multiple ScanArms, to work together to create an integrated 3D measurement solution across a single coordinate system. Super 6DoF completely eliminates line-of sight challenges and significantly expands measurement range while maintaining superior accuracy when using two instruments-in-one measurement operation.

“The new FARO Vantage Laser Tracker product line is proven effective for the most environmentally challenging applications as it is tested to rigorous International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards for shock and vibration, tested for extreme thermal conditions and is IP52 rated for dust and water resistance,” stated Simon Raab , Ph.D., FARO’s President and CEO.  “We are very conscious of our role as an innovator in this space, but we are even more conscious that it is our responsibility to innovate with the end user experience as the main driver.  The New Vantage Laser Tracker series provides a combination of innovation in usability along with value driven pricing that sets a new, highly accessible price/performance standard for laser trackers in large scale precision measurement. We are confident that the breakthroughs offered in the FARO Vantage platform will make it the go-to option for a variety of demanding factory metrology applications.”

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