Faro Focus3D Scanner Provides Food For Thought

OAL has been involved in designing, implementing and automating innovative engineering solutions for the world’s food industry for more than 20 years.

UK Based OAL count some of the world’s largest food-producing corporations as customers; to ensure that the company continues to be regarded as a leader in its field, OAL make regular investments in advanced technology that helps guarantee the quality of its work and enables efficient completion of  projects.

The requirement to speed-up the laborious measurement and drawing process that takes place prior to embarking on a plant installation, or system modification,recently prompted the purchase of a Focus3D X 30 laser scanner from FARO.

Jake Norman, OAL Innovation and Marketing Manager explained “In an ideal world every factory would have accurate, fully dimensioned 2D/3D drawings of every aspect of each facility, so that proposed plant modifications could be easily assessed and defined.  In reality, the first steps when considering re-modelling a plant to meet the demands of new products, often involves an extremely time-consuming measurement and drawing process.”

“This lack of visual dimensional information often meant that initial discussions related to new layouts, at a senior level, were delayed or made more difficult by relying on inaccurate plant layouts.”

“We have since transformed our measurement and drawing processes with the purchase of a FARO Focus3D X 30 laser scanner providing us with fast, precise 2D/3D drawings and layouts. We can now quickly and deliver a complete 3D “walk-through” model of the factory with full point measurement to an accuracy of 2mm.  Our specialist team can visit a facility and rapidly and precisely scan a single area or the entire site.”

“Depending on facilities’ equipment complexity and size, sometimes we need to make multiple scans. At each position the scanner captures an impressive 976,000 measurement points per second in a full 360° data capture. Once multiple scans for a single area have been finished the team completes a post processing routine to register millions of data elements, enabling the creation of a scanned ‘point cloud.’  At this stage a full ‘3D walk through’ of the scanned area is available.  We then repeat the process for other areas of the factory under measurement with post processing, including patching individual ‘point clouds’ together, creating a ‘project point cloud’ of the entire site.”

The key benefits of using the Focus3D X 30 include the creation of accurate 3D layouts, the ability to dimension and annotate any 3D element and to create an accurate, realistic 3D ‘walk through’ of the ‘as installed’ plant.

“Now, all plant re-modelling is based on accurate data so the entire design process is much quicker, whilst accurate information is available for optimal reverse engineering. Finally, at the project installation stage, the availability of accurate data ensures that our new parts fit first time.”

Combining the highest-precision scanning technology with true mobility and ease-of-use, the FARO Focus3D X 30 laser scanner enables fast, straightforward, and accurate measurements of objects and buildings. It precisely records architectural and as-built features, complex structures, production and supply facilities and large-volume components and delivers realistic and true-to-detail scan results.

Paul Woolner, OAL Lead Designer added.“Prior to our laser scanner purchase, we used a laser tape measure to measure facilities. Although this system was able to provide fairly good results we felt that a laser scanner would be able to considerably improve our accuracy capability and slash the time taken to capture the required results. Now in regular use, our FARO Scanner has delivered in both areas. Also, given the size and complexity of many of the plants that we need to measure, our ability to remotely scan them, rather than access them physically, is proving much safer.”

For more information: www.faro.com