Faro Introduces ScanPlan Handheld Floor Mapper

Faro has announced the availability of the FARO ScanPlanTM , a solution for fast and easy mapping of floor plans.  This next generation 2D handheld mapper is ideal for real time capturing and diagramming of 2D floor plans across a range of places including critical infrastructure.

A process that used to take hours can now be completed in just minutes.

  • Walk through the building/scene at normal speed and simply point the device at walls to capture a 2D floor plan…both in daylight and at night
  • Add notes and photographs of critical details to the plan while mapping
  • Capture floor plans on multiple levels and organize them into one project
  • Take measurements, view photos, add pre-drawn symbols for details found in the building
  • Create finished 2D or 3D diagrams quickly with smart tools that that snaps to points for fast drawing or even automatically generate lines from the floor plan

The ScanPlan is a fully integrated solution that includes both the lightweight ScanPlan handheld 2D mapper and FARO Zone 2D diagramming software. This enables end users to configure the captured floor plan into a comprehensive diagram. In addition, it delivers actionable, in the moment information as users can seamlessly mount an iOS or Android smartphone of their choice to visualize the floor plan taking shape in real time. This includes the ability to take photos for such items as control panels, sprinklers and hydrants and have them automatically added and geo-located to the correct location.

The ScanPlan advances the concept of ease of use. Not only can users actually see the floor plan taking shape in real time but operation is as simple as walk, point and capture. As a result, the level of expertise and training required is at a minimum so it can be easily used across the breadth of personnel within an organization.

For more information: www.faro.com