FARO Introduces Focus S 70 Laser Scanner

FARO Technologies has announced the release of the latest addition to the FARO Focus Laser Scanner portfolio. The FARO Focus70 is a high accuracy, short range scanner specifically designed for architecture, engineering, construction, product design and public safety-forensics professionals.

Similar to the FARO Focus70 introduced into the award-winning FARO Focus Laser Scanner portfolio in January 2017, the Focus70 delivers industrial grade performance with an exceptional price/performance quotient. This includes an Ingress Protection (IP) Rating of 54 for use in high particulate and wet weather conditions, HDR imaging and extended temperature range. Additionally, users will continue to have unrestricted freedom of choice to leverage the software tools most beneficial to their own workflow, including FARO SCENE and 3rd party software solutions such as Autodesk ReCap.

The FARO Focus70 also delivers a set of incremental, value-added functionality that makes it a perfect fit for those applications that require the short range scanning power of the Focus70, the next level accuracy of the FocusS 150 or FocusS 350 and the unique power of real time, on-site registration.

Short Range with Best in Class Accuracy:

  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications that require scanning up to 70 meters and with accuracy of +/- 1mm

More Data Captured Faster:

  • Delivers acquisition speed of almost 1,000,000 points per second

Improved Productivity and Confidence

  • Supports the real time, on-site registration functionality recently announced by FARO with the introduction the SCENE 7.0 software suite.

This high value functionality enables the 3D scan data, whether it be from a single scan or multiple scans in process simultaneously, to be wirelessly transmitted (i.e., no SD cards needed) directly to an onsite computer workstation/PC in real time.

“We were overwhelmed by the positive response and adoption of the Focus70,” states Joe Arezone, Chief Commercial Officer. c“That has validated our hypothesis that there would be significant enthusiasm for an affordable, short range, industrial scanner that was backed by FARO’s trusted, best-in-class quality. We have continued to keep our ears close to the ground with our customers and as a result can now offer the Focus70 as a higher accuracy companion to the Focus70 and a logical fit across the Focus Laser Scanner portfolio. FARO is uniquely positioned to address the wide variety of performance requirements across all market segments and applications that leverage 3D scanning data”.

For more information: www.faro.com