FARO Announces Acquisition of Lanmark Controls

Faro have announced the acquisition of Lanmark Controls, Inc located in Massachusetts, USA. Lanmark is a leading provider of high-speed laser marking control boards and intuitive, user-friendly laser marking software enabling integrators and product managers to develop high performance laser marking products.

“Lanmark’s proven high speed laser control technology competency is a critical component of FARO’s future product development strategy as the market continues to move towards automated, in-line 3D inspection,” stated Dr. Simon Raab, FARO’s President and CEO.  “Together with the laser control technology previously acquired in the acquisitions of Nutfield Technology and Laser Control Systems Limited, we have a dynamic technology platform that will accelerate our initiatives to disrupt the factory metrology and 3D machine vision markets.”

Faro Digi-Cube

Faro also recently announced the release of Digi-Cube, a high precision, high scan rate, digital servo controlled scan head that is easily integrated into a variety of laser scanning products to optimize productivity and output quality. It is specifically designed to enable best in class outcomes for exacting applications such as high accuracy laser marking, scribing and engraving, laser 3D printing, photovoltaic production and welding.

“We are excited about the new level of value that we are able to offer across an extensive segment of laser marking applications,” stated Mark Longmuir, Senior Director, Laser Processing. “Our extensive experience and understanding of the pain points for key players in this space indicated that there was an unfulfilled need for a laser scan head with high digital performance but at an analog level price point. With Digi-Cube, we are confident that we have addressed this gap in a proactive, value-added manner.”

For for information: www.faro.com