Faro 3D Technology to Record Heritage at Risk

CyArk, a non-profit organization dedicated to recording, archiving and sharing the world’s cultural heritage has announced a partnership with FARO Technologies, Inc. The partnership will enable CyArk to optimize and accelerate its mission with access to the most advanced laser scanning solution available. FARO will allow CyArk to leverage an integrated 3D capture and analysis platform that includes the FARO Focus Laser Scanner, SCENE and PointSense Software and in depth training for CyArk field staff.

CyArk’s activities involve the rapid and detailed recording of monuments around the world and laser scanning is at the forefront of tools used to record accurate geometry of these surfaces. Many of these projects are time critical, and the efficiency of FARO solutions will enable the CyArk field teams to capture and operate more effectively. CyArk’s production teams will also greatly benefit from this partnership, allowing the vast amount of data collected in the field to be processed more efficiently. The seamless production of specific deliverables for managers of sites and monuments will be a significant benefit through the use of PointSense Heritage, a software package specifically designed for the production of high resolution documentation of historic buildings and archaeological sites.

CyArk has kicked off the partnership at the site of Bagan in Myanmar, which suffered a devastating earthquake in August 2016. FARO Focus Laser Scanners were used to accurately record surface geometry of several monuments, and the data will be used to generate engineering drawings in support of active conservation and stabilization efforts at the site. You can learn more about this project at:

“We are thrilled to have industry leader Faro join CyArk as a sustaining partner,” said John Ristevski, CyArk’s CEO. “Accurate 3D capture from LiDAR is the cornerstone of CyArk’s method, and with FARO hardware and software solutions, we very much look forward to equipping our field and production teams with the best tools to fuel our mission.

For more information: www.cyark.org