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Factory of the Future Summit To Showcase Latest Emerging Technologies

Digital transformation of processes in the manufacturing sector is progressing on a global scale with a variety of intelligent processes being developed and implemented yet a lot of manufacturers still depend on legacy technology and processes, which impedes their ambition of increased productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

The vision for the factory of the future is the creation of value chain that runs from suppliers to end customers while developing a holistic environment of new design principles, innovation culture and digital technologies. The factories of the future will be customer-driven, not product-driven and these factories will be more predictive, more autonomous and more efficient. The factories of future will adopt a digitally informed production where adoption of disruptive technologies will leverage improved competitiveness and innovation. As the global industrial manufacturing landscape continues to undergo fundamental economic and social transformation, the new ways of industry with lower costs, reduced downtime and minimized waste will become the new normal.

Future Factories MENA 2021 Summit is a platform for industry professionals to discover the latest emerging technologies and the most innovative automation and manufacturing systems, a must-attend event for all Industrial manufacturing professionals that intend to boost their factory to the maximum level of competitiveness and innovation.

The summit will focus on disruptive technologies and ways to design Digital Factories, from additive manufacturing and IoT, Industrial data analytics to applications, cloud adoption and migration, digital platforms such as virtual and augmented reality. It also includes advanced man-machine interfaces, high-performance computing and simulation, robotization, energy efficiency and renewable energy in production, as well as zero-defects manufacturing, collaborative manufacturing, network factories and many more.

The ‘Future Factories Summit MENA 2021’ is scheduled on 22-23 March 2021 and organized by a UAE based business intelligence company, Verve Management. Summit topics include ‘The Future of Manufacturing Sector, ‘The Rising Importance of New-Gen Manufacturing Robots & Automation’, ‘Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing’.

Metrology News has been appointed an official strategic media partner of the Future Factories MENA 2021 Summit.

“Metrology is centric in the ‘Factory of the Future’ with fully integrated inspection systems, and smart sensors, monitoring all aspects of critical product manufacturing criteria. Closed loop feedback, adaptive control, and edge computing will perform key roles is ensuring that future manufacturing processes use generated actionable data  to react to manufacturing deviations, as they occur, ensuring post process inspection and validation are morphed into the history books. We welcome the opportunity for involvement is showcasing the future of manufacturing”

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