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Factory Acceptance Tests Completed Using Remote Assist and Hololens

System integrator, AWL, based in Netherlands provides added value as a specialist in spot and arc welding and in laser welding along with other automation techniques such as glued joints, vision systems, product handling, quality control and traceability. AWL focus on the automotive, metalworking and automation industries, where high levels of automation and a high degree of flexibility are essential.

With branches in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, China, Mexico, United States and the UK, we support its customers are all over the world.

Some of the machines that AWL delivers to its customers are engineered-to-order meaning that the machines are custom made. Customers of AWL expect delivered machinery to be built exactly as designed. After the production phase, the delivery phase takes place. Before the machinery leaves the factory, a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) takes place. Normally, this would mean that customers of AWL from across the world would travel to Harderwijk to perform the FAT. After passing all tests, the machinery can leave for transport.

Due to recent developments with respect to COVID-19, it is not always possible for customers to travel to Harderwijk, Netherlands meaning that the delivery of machinery is stalled. AWL decided to contact Recreate and look for a solution together. Adapting quickly to new situations is key.

The solution to the problem of AWL was for Recreate Solutions, a supplier of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, to offer a Microsoft Hololens in combination with Microsoft Remote Assist. This solution enables a representative of the customer to call upon upon the expertise of an AWL representative. The AWL representative does not need to be on-site; he/she can support the customer from a remote location. The customer uses the Microsoft Hololens to make a Microsoft Remote Assist call to the AWL representative. 3D annotations can be placed in the world of the customer by both the customer and the AWL representative. This ensures that both are on the same page with regard to what is being discussed. Original design documents can be shared and viewed in real-time upon request.

Due to the urgency of the matter, Recreate delivered the solution within 14 days starting from the first moment of contact. AWL is now able to go through the machinery delivery phase remotely. In addition, they are now able to act adequately to service requests during the delivery phase. The implementation of Remote Assist can help with cost savings for each organisation in ways such as fewer travel costs for experts, fewer hours needed for inspections, shorter lead time of the process, and lower downtime of machinery.

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