The 15th International Conference and Exhibition on Laser Metrology, Coordinate Measuring Machine and Machine Tool Performance, (LAMDAMAP 2023) will be organised by euspen drawing together many of the worlds distinguished scientists and engineers from all areas of science, engineering and medicine; representing both industry and academia.

Advanced machine tool metrology supports superior part production; enabling, understanding and tracking of baseline performance machines. Whilst the trend towards nanometre level surfaces finishes and features progresses, matching both form and finish coherently in complex parts remains a major challenge.
This conference will take place at The University of Edinburgh and will focus on Metrology in New Fabrication Techniques; New Developments in Measurement Techniques; Novel Manufacturing Technologies & Machine Tools; Performance Evaluation for Machine Tools & CMMs; Roughness & Machine Tool Standards; Accuracy and Performance Evaluation of Industrial Manipulators; Integrated Metrology in New Fabrication Techniques and Machine Learning for Metrology and Precision.