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EV Drives Noise, Vibration and Harshness Calculations

For transmissions in Electric Vehicle (EV) drives, noise is a much greater issue than in combustion engines, where the engine masks the noise from the gearbox. The high-frequency noise that tends to occur in electric axles is generated by electromagnetic forces from the motor, gear and bearing forces from the transmission and the DC/AC converter.

For the transmission, the simulation of the noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) behavior is the basis for optimizing the gear teeth. For this purpose, the vibrations forced in the drive train by the excitation in the gearing are calculated with KISSsoft, which determines the variable forces and moments at the bearings. These values are then transferred to the multi-body simulation program RecurDyn as excitation for the housing. The radiated power is determined for the housing, thus enabling an evaluation of the noise behavior of the gear unit. This calculation is now offered as a service of KISSsoft.

KISSsoft is a modular calculation program for the design, optimization and verification of machine elements according to international standards. The individually customized software packages for a wide variety of applications guarantee tailor-made solutions and the integration to all common CAD software complete the product.

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