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Europe’s Largest M2 CT System Under Construction

Optotom and Nikon Metrology won the tender for the delivery of an large-envelope X-ray Computed Tomography system to Kielce University of Technology in Poland. The Nikon M2 system is a high-precision, modular inspection system featuring a patented, ultra-precise and stable 8-axis manipulator build upon a metrology-grade granite base.

Depending on the application, the user can chose between 3 different sources: Nikon’s unique 450 kV microfocus source with rotating target to scan large and high-density samples with micrometer resolution, a 450 kV minifocus source for high-speed scanning and a 225 kV microfocus source with rotating target for smaller samples. The system will be equipped with both a flat panel detector and the Nikon proprietary Curved Linear Diode Array (CLDA) detector that optimizes the collection of X-rays without capturing the undesired scattered X-rays, resulting in stunning image sharpness and contrast.

The M2 is ideal for the inspection of parts ranging in size from small, low-density samples to large, high-density materials. The installation of the system will take place in a special purpose-build bunker.  The 1,2 m walls are already prepared for future upgrades to higher energy ranges. This full-option system will be one of the largest M2 systems in the world, offering Kielce University extreme flexibility to support all possible applications from both research and the local industry.

Basic system parameters:

  • 450kV minifocus radiation source
  • 450kV microfocus radiation source, “Rotating Target” type
  • 225 kV radiation source of the “Rotating Target” type
  • 225 kV “Multimetal target” radiation source
  • Nikon CLDA linear detector
  • panel detector with a resolution of 16 million pixels
  • the possibility of testing components up to 100 kg

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