Entry-level Metrology Scanner Announced by Shining 3D

SHINING 3D has announce the official launch of EaScan II its the latest 3D metrology scanner that meets most 3D measurement and inspection’s requirements at a very appealing price.

EaScan II is equipped with 3 sets of scan ranges in the units lightweight design and stands out when scanning heavy and large objects provider users full freedom to move around the part. Adopted image capturing technology allows the blue light EaScan II unit to scan stably while avoiding any harm to human eyes and adapts to the various working environments.

EaScan II brings offers excellent scanning speed and high-accuracy data taking less than 5 seconds for a single scan and around 10 minutes to scan a 1 meter long object while maintaining high scan quality. EaScan II non-contact measurement methodology is a powerful tool and allows full dimension measurement and inspection of complex surface structure quickly and easily.

The EaScan II objective is to assist companies to reduce costs and improve efficiency and applications run from reverse engineering to 3D design, modeling and 3D inspection.

For more information: www.shining3d.com