Enhanced Multisensor CMM Increases Productivity and Reduces Measuring Uncertainty

Boosting manufacturing productivity is central to the very concept of multisensor metrology.

Combining contact and optical measurement in a single system, multisensor and optical coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are designed to deliver the measurement flexibility that enables users to simplify machine set up and reduce cycle times when inspecting a range of complex workpieces.

For manufacturers who want the option to push productivity gains even further the introduction of additional linear and rotary axes and dual camera’s to the multi-sensor CMM provides the necessary single inspection set-up solution.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has developed its Optiv Dual to enhance the traditional multisensor inspection solution. The Optiv Dual incorporates the following three additional technologies.

Dual Z – comprising two independent sensor axes that automatically lifts the inactive sensor out of the measuring volume. On multisensor measuring machines with only one sensor axis, the risk of collision limits accessibility to positions on the workpiece, increasing both part program creation and measuring cycle times. Dual Z also offers the ultimate measuring flexibility by enabling use of motorized indexing probe heads.

Dual Rotary – allows part rotation to defined angles reducing the need for probe changes and the number of required translational axis (bypass) movements. Dual Rotary is perfect for inspecting drilled tools, injection nozzles, sleeves, gearwheels and other parts with part features distributed around its circumference.

Dual Camera – enables automatic switching between ‘Fast Overview’ mode and ‘High-Precision’ mode for non-contact measurement. ‘Overview’ mode optimizes measuring time, ‘Detail’ mode offers high magnification and optical resolution in the sub-micron range. The camera switch is performed electronically.. Dual Camera enables the highest precision and offering low distortion for true-to-geometry imaging of the finest object structures. Telecentric lenses ensure stable measurements and dependable magnification.

The enhanced multisensor CMM offer the following benefits:

Minimized Set-Up Time

Manual probe changes or workpiece reclamping can contribute significantly to increased inspection cycle times. Optiv Dual Z and Optiv Dual Rotary eliminating both of these issues by achieving single-setup inspections.

On multisensor CMMs with one sensor axis, the contact and non-contact sensors are fixed to each other, reducing measuring position accessibility. By leveraging the sensors on two individual axes, Optiv Dual Z accesses more of the measuring volume in a single cycle.

With Optiv Dual Rotary, more workpiece features are made accessible with automatic rotational part positioning.

Increased Application Flexibility

The automatic two-step zoom of the Hexagon Optiv Dual Camera was designed to give users optimum adaptability to the measuring task at hand. Where fast scanning is required, the overview mode enables fast Multicapture measurement, reducing inspection times. Where greater accuracy is required, the detail mode trades off quicker measuring time for high-precision magnification within a smaller field of view.

A motorized indexing probe head can be used with Optiv Dual Z, and the flexibility of the probe head’s full rotational range makes even more positions on the workpiece easily accessible.

Maximized Precision

If you’re looking for sub-micron accuracy, Optiv Dual Camera has been crafted to ensure the highest optical resolution. Equipped with CMOS monochrome cameras, the system minimizes distortion and delivers good contrast to capture parts with true-to-geometry imaging. Electronic switching between overview and detail mode ensures no loss of accuracy when compared to moving optical components mechanically.

Reduced Measuring Uncertainty

Removing requirements for probe changes, reclamping, or workpiece realignment is key to enhancing reproducibility and reducing measuring uncertainty. Optiv Dual Rotary and Optiv Dual Z enable referencing of measurements between features,  workpiece realignment is avoided with Dual Z collision-free accessibility to part features giving confidence in measured results.

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