EasyCMM Universal CMM I++ Server Provides Hardware & Software Cross Communication

EasyCMM from Globus is a universal Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Server that enables direct, plug-&-play, cross communication among leading brand CMMs and the most popular coordinate metrology software packages. EasyCMM is an I++ based Server providing users the freedom to select their preferred measurement software and to connect it to their existing or selected CMM model without going through the upheaval of a CMM Controller retrofit.

EasyCMM directly interfaces with any CMM and CMM probe-head controller produced by the leading global manufacturers, such as Hexagon DEA, Leitz, Mitutoyo, Wenzel, Nikon, Mitutoyo and Zeiss. EasyCMM incorporates error mapping to compensate for geometric, volumetric, orientation, positioning and kinematic errors in the CMM structure that affect their accuracy.

EasyCMM is I++ based enabling CMM communication through EasyCMM to any software that supports the I++ protocol (PolyWork, MCosmos, PC-DMIS, Rational-DMIS, OpenDMIS, Quartis, Metromec CM, Metrolog, Calypso, Power Inspect, Verisuf, etc.).

With EasyCMM users can select CMM hardware and CMM software independently from each other.

For more information: www.easycmm.globus.co.il