e-Xstream Engineering and Volume Graphics Cooperate on Mechanical Simulation of Fiber Compound Materials and Components

e-Xstream engineering, an MSC Software Company, part of Hexagon, and Volume Graphics, two leading suppliers of software for multi-scale material modeling and industrial computed tomography, respectively, cooperate in the area of mechanical simulation of fiber compound materials and components. The combined use and the interfaces between the software solutions of e-Xstream and Volume Graphics allows companies active in developing and producing fiber compound components to efficiently optimize manufacturing parameters and ensure the quality of their products.

Using the Volume Graphics software suite VGSTUDIO MAX, fiber orientations and fiber volume fractions can be determined from CT scans of fiber compound material probes or components and mapped onto existing volume meshes (in PATRAN® or NASTRAN® format). This information can be used for validation of fiber distributions from injection molding simulations. It can also be directly fed into mechanical simulations of fiber compound materials or components. For this purpose, a dedicated format for export from VGSTUDIO MAX into Digimat® is available.

The interface between VGSTUDIO MAX and Digimat has now been extended to support the export of porosity information from CT scans into Digimat. The export of the porosity information is a function of VGSTUDIO MAX since version 3.2.4, whereas the import is a function of Digimat since version 2019.0. The extended interface allows to map micro-porosity in a statistical way onto a volume mesh by calculating the average porosity level for each cell of the mesh in VGSTUDIO MAX and then exporting it to Digimat. Furthermore, macro-porosity can be mapped individually, i.e. pore by pore, onto the receiving volume mesh in Digimat. In both cases, the influence of the porosity on the mechanical material properties can be modeled in Digimat and then used in macroscopic structural simulations at the component level.

“The extended interface between VGSTUDIO MAX and Digimat allows to investigate the influence of porosity on the mechanical properties of fiber compounds, no matter whether the porosity is unintended or introduced on purpose, such as in foam injection molding processes.” – says Philippe Hebert, Product Manager, e-Xstream engineering

For more information: www.e-xstream.com   and  www.volumegraphics.com