Dynamic Metrology Solutions Release MAP Metrology Software

map-softwareMAP stands for Metrology Annotation Pro.
MAP opens most 2D drawing files including Adobe PDF format to be annotated or “ballooned”.
After the drawing has been opened, the user can add “ballooning” by simply clicking the location that the balloon needs to go. A balloon is added ready for the next balloon. Once created, balloons can be moved, grouped and aligned, have their appearance modified and even have notes added to the balloons in the form of text, or sound or video. The addition of notes to individual balloons adds a new realm to simple drawing annotation. Now the user can display a video instructing the metrologists how to measure a given dimension.

“Of course there’s more than just simple drawing markup”, explained Vince Clements, Lead Developer of MAP and Vice-President of Dynamic Metrology Solutions. “MAP allows the saving of work as a MAP file which allows the user to start ballooning a print, save as a MAP file, and open that file later with the markers (or balloons) fully live and interactive as though the document was never closed.”
“Additionally”, Vince added, “projects can be created which then include the ability to OCR (Optical character recognition) individual characteristics and apply tolerancing, which can then be added to a spreadsheet for say a PPAP or FAI”. Excel does not have to be installed in order to use spreadsheets. MAP has a proprietary spreadsheet editor that is directly compatible with Excel and Open Office.