Dynamic 9D LADAR – Next Generation Dimensional Inspection

Dynamic 9D LADAR is a breakthrough technology, representing the fastest, most accurate non-contact measurement system in the world.

9D LADAR’s rapid, accurate data collection in real-time is set to revolutionize automated in-line production measurements and obsolete exiting conventional Laser Radar systems that require large sample averaging to obtain reasonable accuracy, effectively slowing data acquisition rates. 9D LADAR features an on-board scale reference system, sampling rates of more than 20,000 points per second, and smart iVision 8mp camera system, which assists with part recognition for programmable automated feature measurement and GD&T, revealing probe-level feature clarity of holes and other geometric details. And 9D LADAR delivers X, Y, Z, I, J, K data for each generated cloud point along with the addition of R, G, B data allowing for scanned data to be imaged directly onto the captured camera image.

This unique capability allows display of characteristics with distinct background color contrast, surface vectors, surface roughness etc., which are difficult to isolate with only the standard 3D point cloud data. 9D LADAR is ready to measure 15 minutes after setup, eliminates external controllers with an embedded state-of-the-art controller and signal processor, weighs less than 11kg, and has a 17” x 10” footprint that can be mounted to a robot, rail, or gantry CMM for automated measurements. 

For more information visit, www.apimetrology.com/ladar/