DWFritz Metrology Launches ZeroTouch High Speed Non-Contact Multipurpose Metrology Platform

ZeroTouch metrology platform provides up to 10x faster inspection than tactile CMMs for production measurements.

DWFritz Metrology, a leading provider of high precision automation and metrology solutions for advanced manufacturing, has announced the launch of its ZeroTouch non-contact, multipurpose metrology platform. The machine will be showcased at the upcoming IMTS Exhibition in Chicago (East Building Level 3 Booth 135348).

ZeroTouch features a patented 5-axis metrology platform, including a rotating bridge that achieves part inspection speeds up to 10 times faster than conventional tactile coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). The metrology platform’s unique bridge configuration incorporates multiple non-contact measuring sensors including optical, laser, and confocal technologies, providing simultaneous part feature inspections.

ZeroTouch combines multiple non-contact sensor technologies with custom multispectral lighting and deep learning capabilities in one footprint. This highly configurable system simultaneously measures multiple part features and complex geometries such as bores, undercuts, and chamfers, in addition to complex surface topology measurements such as surface finish, color and gloss.

The flexible high speed metrology platform incorporates linear motors and high resolution encoders for rapid platform acceleration and ultra high precision. With ZeroTouch’s unique planar air bearing design, tolerance stack error is minimized. The granite structure provides a thermally stable, shop-hardened production measuring station.

Seamless ZeroTouch CAD-based measuring software provides easy, automated generation of part measurement plans incorporating motion path creation, simulation, and sensor parameter settings with no specialized programming required. The part’s generated 3D point cloud is transmitted to Innovmetric’s popular PolyworksTM analysis software, creating a detailed inspection report with actionable information for improving manufacturing processes.

“With the advent of the digital twin and Industry 4.0, ZeroTouch represents the next generation of high speed non-contact metrology solutions, providing robust and highly accurate production inspection of precision manufactured parts,” said Mike Fritz, CEO of DWFritz Metrology. “ZeroTouch enables continuous workflow improvements in design, production and inspection, creating an integrated quality-centric manufacturing process focused on the future.”

ZeroTouch’s rugged industrial design makes it ideal for use in high speed, dimensional and surface inspection applications at advanced machining and manufacturing facilities in sectors such as automotive, aerospace & defense, medical device, and consumer electronics. Typical applications for the 300 x 300 x 300mm measuring volume platform are turbine blades, medical implants, automotive transmission valve bodies, powertrain components, precision gears, and smartphones.

DWFritz Metrology is a leading, global provider of high precision automation, metrology and inspection solutions for advanced manufacturing. For more than 45 years, the company has collaborated with Fortune 500 clients to solve complex manufacturing problems and develop innovative industry solutions.

For more information: www.dwfritz.com


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