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Duplex Robotic CT System Scans Large Parts

North Star Imaging (NSI) has launched a duplex robot computed tomography system for large manufactured parts. NSI’s unique Dual RobotiX precision technology features two robot arms working in synchronized harmony of motion.

The X-ray source and detector are mounted onto the individual robots located within the cabinet. Robots can be locked to provide a consistent focal distance while also locked to maneuver around a point in space. System reach and capacity is dependent upon the specific application.

Dual RobotiX technology makes automatic part scanning for X-ray inspection effortless through a simple interface that allows the end-user to easily create new robotic motion programs. RobotiX motion programs are created through NSI’s well established efX-DR acquisition software. This breakthrough allows the user to program the robot and configure the image acquisition parameters all through a single software interface. This means the saving of valuable programming time and and operators aren’t required to be trained in a second software program.

The simple interface also allows operators to X-ray inspect large parts using 6-degrees of motion at any given point resulting in improved image accuracy, less complex fixturing and faster turnaround times.

Dual robotiX is an add-on device for NSI’s X70000, its largest standard CT system.

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