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DMG MORI Introduce Laser Scanning On-Machine Measurement

Following the announcement of a partnership between DMG MORI and NIKON in May 2019 to integrate non-contact laser-line scanning onto its machine tools DMG MORI has posted a video on its Japanese website showing the fully integrated on-machine measuring system in action. The system provides non-contact measurement of large, complex shaped and free-form surface machined parts.

With the laser-line scanning sensor mounted to the machine tool spindle high density point cloud of data points is generated. The combined expertise of the machine tool and measuring technology company’s has allowed the seamlessly integrated solution to provide measuring accuracies equivalent to those generated by traditional offline dedicated inspection techniques.

DMG MORI has introduced two models of integrated laser-line scanner, namely the LC15Dx with 70,000 scan points/second for high accuracy machining applications, and the L100 with 200,000 scan points/second for large and free-form parts. The LC15Dx offers an 18 mm laser-line length, 15 mm depth of vision, 60 mm stand-off and 22 µm resolution. The L100 model delivers a 110 mm laser-line length, 60 mm depth of vision, 105 mm stand-off and 42 µm resolution.

The on-machine measuring system eliminates the transfer of the machined part to dedicated measuring equipment, such as a coordinate measuring machine (CMM), by allowing the complete part inspection to be performed as part of the machining process dramatically reducing overall manufacturing times. Laser scanning is well proven to offer significantly more measured part data in reduced measurement times.

Dedicated measurement application software is integrated into the DMG MORI CNC controller. Retrofitting of the measuring system to existing installed machines is possible with a indicative cost being suggested as 20% of dedicated off-line measuring stations.

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