Diverse Dimensions Expands With CT Scanner

Diverse Dimensions, located in Zeeland Michigan, is a Metrology and Reverse Engineering services company founded in 2003. The company has 9 Metrologists and multiple devices for dimensional inspection and reverse engineering and specializes in measurement and comparison of complex geometry to design intent as well as generating CAD models from existing geometry and prototypes. Diverse Dimensions services clients in the areas of quality analysis, measurement, reverse engineering, laser scanning, training and consulting.

The company has recently announced the installation of its first industrial CT scanner – an RX Solutions EasyTOM.  “It took me 2 years to research and determine if this was the direction I wanted to take the company; the purchase of the CT scanner has already proved to be a must for us.” states founder and CEO Jeff Mass.

Since the installation of the EasyTOM, we have been privileged with a couple of interesting projects.  A local family with a historic artifact that needed to capture the artifact data electronically for archiving purposes.  They also wanted the ability to 3D print the artifact for other family members to possess.  The artifact, a historically significant bear skull from a great-grand parent in Alaska, with a complex and intricate organic shape, was ideal for CT scanning.

Another recent project was for a model maker and engineer whose son has a prosthetic leg. He wanted the ability to produce additional parts for his son’s leg during his time of growth.  The best way to capture the data of his existing prosthetic was to CT scan the parts and develop a surface model to create a mold from.

A furniture manufacturing client requested a product analysis to ascertain if cracking was due to paint or the MDF substrate. After scanning and analyzing the findings Diverse Dimensions discovered the issue was located in the MDF.

“Even though we are keeping the CT filled with typical automotive and office furniture parts from industry, we love the diversity in the tasks the CT scanning machine is bringing our way” comments Mass.

For more information: www.diversedimensions.com