Digital Surf and Image Metrology announce MountainsSPIP 8 Software

Since SPM specialists Image Metrology and Digital Surf joined forces in 2014, development teams from both companies have been working hard to create the next generation of SPM image analysis software. The new product line, named MountainsSPIP 8™,unveiled at the MRS Fall Exhibit in Boston, USA and will be made available to users in Q2 2019. Based on the industry-standard Mountains® platform, it will also include all the best SPIPTM interactivity and analytical tools.

MountainsSPIP will provide users access to a powerful set of tools for visualizing, analyzing and reporting data including:

  • interactive particle analysis for detecting and quantifying features of any shape and size on any surface
  • force spectroscopy for viewing, processing and analyzing force curves and force volume images
  • correlative analysis for combining SPM images with data from other instruments
  • multi-channel file management & processing

The above tools will provide benefit to researchers and industry professionals worldwide working in a wide range of areas, notably in materials and life sciences.

The challenges of merging 2 market-leading software platforms
Both Mountains® and SPIPTM are already used extensively by the worldwide scientific community (20,000 users in 2018). They are cited by hundreds of scientific publications each year. “It has been a tremendous challenge to marry advantages of both software programs into a single product, as the philosophy behind the two predecessors was really different, but we got there!” stated Christophe Mignot, Digital Surf CEO. “MountainsSPIP 8TM is as immediate as SPIPTM and as traceable and automatable as Mountains®“.

“The interface and features of MountainsSPIP are closer to previous versions of Mountains than to SPIP” said Jan F. Jørgensen, Image Metrology CEO. “Therefore, during the upcoming year, we will be 100% committed to accompanying each SPIP customer in their first steps with MountainsSPIP”

Mountains 8: Tools for Analysis from the Nanometer Scale to the Millimeter Scale
MountainsSPIP is part of the new Mountains 8 range to be released by Digital Surf in 2019 and which will also cover profilometry and electron microscopy users’ analysis needs.
Not only will Mountains 8 be the most advanced software package for each type of data analysis, but laboratories working with several different types of instrument (profilometer, electron microscope, atomic force microscope, spectrometer etc.) will be able to benefit from a unique synergy between all their instruments.

The new Mountains 8 range will have three main product lines:

  • MountainsSPIP 8 dedicated to SPMs, mainly Atomic Force Microscopes and Scanning Tunneling Microscopes.
  • MountainsSEM 8 is the product line is dedicated to Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • MountainsMap 8 is software dedicated to contact and optical profilers. This new product will be unveiled at the Control quality assurance show in Germany in May 2019.
  • MountainsUniversal 8 will group the above three product lines into a single package allowing multi-instrument synergy and is a high-end product line dedicated to core instrument facilities in academia and industry.

All four software lines will come with a dedicated choice of optional modules, such as specific analysis tools for the automotive industry or powerful spectral data cube analysis for chemical surface mapping in microscopy.

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