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Digital Optics Documentation Software

VideoDOCS part documentation software works with digital optics. Its simplified interface allows an immediate and instinctive working experience and includes a digital zoom controlled by the mouse and the most practical measurement functions on the market.

Predefined symbols can be superimposed on the image to compare geometries and the application allows users to draw over the image and especially to add dimensions in a few clicks. The results can be exported to an Excel table report including company logo and a custom title which can be automatically edited and sent by e-mail in the same function.

This product has been specially designed so that everyone can use it without any special training. Its simplicity is its strength.

VideoDOC Features

  • Drawing functions superimposed on the image: line / arc / circle
  • Drawing dimensioning functions: line / arc / circle / text
  • Measurement functions superimposed on the image: line / arc / circle
  • Symbols superimposed on the image: 10 prerecorded / XY movement and rotation
  • Control report: customized with title and company logo
  • Measurement table: ID / date and time / type / unit / value / XYZQ axes / remark
  • Displays to be activated / deactivated: cross / target / grid / origin
  • Digital zoom: mouse wheel
  • Toolbars: mobile / to be enabled / disabled
  • Number of objectives managed: unlimited
  • Digital camera: USB 3.0
  • Data sharing: e-mail (pdf / docx / xls / xlsx / csv / mht / rtf / txt / jpeg / bmp)
  • Measurement exports: pdf / html / docx / xls / xlsx / csv / txt / jpeg / bmp / tiff / png / wmf / emf
  • Image exports: jpeg / bmp

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