Digital Inclinometer System Aids Machine Tool Relocation

WYLER’s UK agent Bowers Group has provided D.Turner & Son Ltd (Turner) with the WYLER BlueSYSTEM, a modular family of digital inclinometers perfect for machine alignment. D. Turner & Son specialises in the safe transportation of a diverse range of heavy machinery, plant and equipment throughout the UK and Europe.

The WYLER BlueSYSTEM has enabled the Turner to carry out thorough accuracy and geometry checks during the process of dismantling, relocating and repositioning machine tools. Measurements are immediate; and can be shared been members of the team using Bluetooth.

Lee Turner comments: “The main benefit is that the WYLER Blue system is that it is much quicker and more efficient; it enables us to get immediate results. We’re chasing microns here, and always aiming for the highest levels of accuracy. The WYLER enables us to achieve this. It’s a very welcome step up in equipment for us. We recently carried out a machine installation and carried out final level checks on a Doosan DBC130L horizontal table boring mill. It was easy with our WYLER Blue System.

The Bluetooth feature is great because everyone can see the results immediately, rather than individual members of staff having to go and read each level. We only need one member of staff to take a fast, accurate measurement now, rather than two using the previous method. Obviously, this is really useful given the current situation with Covid-19; we get a perfect measurement whilst keeping to social distancing rules!”

As part of its machine removals services, Turner must carefully dismantle, relocate and reposition large machine tools. Moving such high value machines is a delicate process, and each axis must be carefully considered to ensure minimal disruption to the machinery and its components.

Before a machine is dismantled Turner must evaluate its geometry and accuracy. A thorough analysis means that when the machine is reassembled, a similar or even better accuracy can be achieved. In the event that a business isn’t getting the best out of their machine, a thorough accuracy and geometry check Turner to assess what the problem might be, or simply what can be improved on.

The BlueSYSTEM supplied to D. Turner & Son consists of two BlueLEVEL measuring instruments and a BlueMETER Sigma display unit, and is used for the measurement of straightness, flatness, squareness as well as machine geometry and machine rotations. BlueSYSTEM Sigma combines high accuracy (0.001mm /m = 0.2 arcsec) with the robustness required in the machine tool business, and the user-friendly wylerSPEC software enables users to achieve the required accuracy of their machine and to record it afterwards.

 Staff at Turner were previously using either spirit or dial levels to carry out checks, and although the accuracy levels were fairly consistent and accurate, the reading were not always immediate. As a result, they decided to upgrade their levels and invest in a faster solution.

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