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Digital Control Center Launch Innovates CMM Operation

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched the Digital Control Center (dCC), a customisable, handheld control center that transforms how operators and quality engineers interact with a coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

Designed to place more data, functionality and control in the hands of operators than even the most advanced traditional CMM jogbox, the dCC delivers the connectivity, portability and ease-of use of smart consumer devices. Built for industrial use and available in both wireless and wired versions, the dCC delivers metrology data and analysis exactly where it is needed to enable fast, accurate decisions that improve productivity.

The system was developed with the aid of an external design partner and more than 50 prototypes were built before taking a few to CMM users to gain importance feedback and execute further refinements before finalizing the eventual design. The dCC is the result of extensive customer research into the most intuitive and productive ways for operators and quality engineers to access, analyse and act on metrology information as manufacturing becomes smarter and more automated.

Milan Kocic, Business Development Manager, UX, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, said: “The dCC is the result of extensive customer research and trials and meets demand for a handheld control center that combines an interactive user experience with rapid access to the metrology applications and data that help operators and quality engineers perform more effectively. And because it is easy to update and customise, the dCC facilitates the evolution towards a smarter, more interactive manufacturing environment.”

Delivered with Windows 10 tablet software, the dCC is compatible with key metrology software, providing visibility of data from programmes such as PC-DMIS so that users can take real-time decisions. Its robust design makes it ideal for any environment in which CMMs operate.

The dCC wired version will be available worldwide in September with the wireless version coming later in the year.

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