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Deep Learning Video Inspection Platform Launched

ASH TECHNOLOGIES has launched a new deep learning inspection platform. Acumen AI delivers exceptional results by removing human subjectivity when optically inspecting critical parts across a range of industries. ASH has a proven track record in the medical device sector and the Acumen AI will allow ASH TECHNOLOGIES to open its solutions up to other industries including, precision engineering, aerospace, automotive and electronics. Acumen AI is the first artificial intelligence machine learning platform released by ASH.

Acumen AI takes advantage of next generation, deep learning video analysis and is fully designed and developed by ASH. Acumen AI is both intelligent and intuitive and can be used to automatically identify, detect, classify, and count a wide range of part defects. Implementing the power of Acumen AI will significantly increase production efficiency, eliminate human error, and ultimately increase production throughput.

Multiple part identification and tracking of missing syringe needle caps using trained AI model

Patient safety is paramount in the medical sector and the Acumen AI will eliminate human errors when inspecting critical parts such as syringes, needles, catheters, vials, balloons and stents. Acumen AI can generate reports to improve manufacturing processes, increase throughput while significantly saving on inspection costs. Identifying defective parts is crucial in micro componentry in all industry sectors.

Each Acumen AI system is bespoke and tailored to your individual requirements with each system is trained using an ASH AI model.

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