Creaform to Move its HQ to a New Expanded Location

Creaform plans to double its sales and create 150 new jobs within the next 5 years.

Creaform, a leader in portable 3D measurement solutions and engineering services, has announced its decision to move its headquarters to Lévis’ Innoparc, Québec in order to support its growth.

The move represents a 20-million-dollar investment in order to triple its production capacity and hire a significant number of new employees. The new building will have twice the square footage of Creaform’s existing facilities, increasing from 38 000 to 76 000 sq. ft.

The company’s management unveiled Creaform’s future site in front of all its employees. Established for the past 10 years Creaform’s headquarters includes its research and development, product manufacturing and assembly, engineering services, sales and marketing, and administration.

The company partnered with Groupe Commercial AMT to work on the project of transitioning to its new headquarters.

Creaform strategic growth plan

Creaform sales have increased tenfold over the past decade. “And we have no intention of slowing down. Our goal is to double our sales within the next five years,” explained Mr. Martin Lamontagne, Creaform’s Co-Founder and Vice President and Business Unit Manager. “We needed to expand our headquarters in order to increase the production of multiple new 3D technology platforms.

Creaform’s future headquarters

“The investment in the Innoparc will enable us to increase our office space, modernize our facilities and integrate new, cutting-edge technology,” added Ms. Fanny Truchon, “Creaform’s Vice President of Operations. These are compelling reasons for our current and future employees.”

The building will offer a high-quality, contemporary working environment for the Creaform team. It will be the result of an integrated architectural design process that blends comfort and functionality and be located near a forest of over 7 000 000 sq. ft. with winding bicycle and foot paths.

Creaform wanted to remain in Lévis, where it was founded. “Creaform will continue to support Lévis—our hometown that gave us a chance and remains today the ideal location for our company to thrive,” said Mr. Lamontagne.

Creaform will be moving to its new headquarters, situated at 4700 rue de la Pascaline, in November 2017.

In order to pursue its expansion, Creaform is current recruiting for over a dozen job positions in Lévis.

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