Could Precision Low-Cost Cobot Revolutionize Automated Measurements?

INNFOS has launched an advanced smart and compliant robotic arm, for under $1000, that brings precision to the desktop and provides human-like flexibility for production applications in prototyping, inspection and production. Desktop collaborative robot (cobot) arms are set to grow in popularity due to the wide variety of applications they can be applied to in a fast automating world.

Until now, these smaller desktop robots were limited by the performance of their stepper motors that drive them. INNFOS Gluon has created an advanced desktop robot arm that is built around its industry-leading, self-developed Smart Compliant Actuator (SCA) that provides the highest possible level of performance for precise control of position, velocity, and torque.

SCA (Smart Compliant Actuator) is an intelligent, highly integrated and advanced servo system providing flexible and safe robot control and is safer and more reliable under the same performance, and its volume is only one tenth of that of traditional servo systems.

“Most desktop robotic arms are built for hobbyists and use a stepper or hobby servos motor that can only perform simple actions, thereby limiting their usability. Our goal was to bring the high performance of industrial-grade servo systems and compliant control to the desktop at an affordable price, allowing greater precision and the ability to perform more complex tasks. INNFOS Gluon is the most advanced robotic arm of its type and can perform virtually any task,” said David Yan, CEO, INNFOS.

As the world’s first desktop robotic arm with compliant control, INNFOS Gluon can handle multiple tasks with human-like flexibility and suppleness and includes safety features such as an advanced algorithm to stop the arm in the event of a collision with a person or object.

In addition to outstanding precision (+/- 0.1mm) and load capacity (0.5 kg), the arm features a working radius of 425 mm and is available with a wide range of swappable end effectors, including  a universal ball gripper, micro servo gripper,  and electromagnet head. By simply changing the end effectors, the robot arm is capable of virtually any task. Manufactured of high-strength composite materials, including self-developed carbon fiber structure which grants ultra-lightweight and thermal stability. Total robot weight is 2.5Kg;

INNFOS offers SDK, IAS and IRS for users. SDK offers APIs for various programming languages as well as logging tools for developers to control INNFOS SCA in different environments and the robot is compatible with MAC, Linux, Raspberry pi and Windows operating systems. “It’s easy to envisage a plethora of tactile and optical metrology and testing sensors being seamlessly integrated with Gluon for industrial measurement and inspection applications.”

The INNFOS R&D team was founded in 2011 and is made up of a group of robotics experts that has been focusing on the development of intelligent compliant actuators for high-performance robots for many years. This latest release puts high performance on the desktop and makes robotics easy and affordable for anyone.

INNFOS Gluon is currently available via Kickstarter campaign with special deals and discounts for early adopters.

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