Control Expo Preview #4

Avizo Universal CT Software Showcased

Thermo Fisher Scientific will showcase the latest version of its Avizo™ Software for Industrial Inspection allowing users to visualize, analyze, measure and inspect parts and materials acquired by X-ray CT, radiography, or microscopy systems. Avizo Software provides a comprehensive set of tools addressing the whole research-to-production cycle and includes programmable automated analysis workflows to perform repeatable inspection and analysis scenarios for pores, voids, inclusions, cracks, lack of fusion, delamination, change of density, and fibers detection and analysis on industrial mono or multi-material parts coming from different manufacturing processes such casting, molding or additive manufacturing. Avizo Software also provides dimensional metrology with advanced measurements, actual/nominal comparison by integrating CAD models.

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Universal 3D Metrology Software Integrates The Smart Factory

Metrologic Group’s focus on standardization is making it possible for the quality chain to work seamlessly, from the quality lab to inline production, and be fully integrated into the manufacturing workflow. The company will demonstrate its software’s ability to operate any 3D measurement device and simultaneously supervise measurement operations taking place throughout an organization.

Metrology is central to manufacturing and to the smart factory since it links the digital part model to the manufactured part. Metrologic software solutions are universal and capable of seamlessly integrating and communicating in network organizations.; a prerequisite for 4.0 factory.

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Measure Small Features on Large Components with Alicona-Cobots

Alicona presents at Control its CompactCobot its latest extension to its Cobot series. While the existing DiskCobot and the ToolCobot represent industry-specific solutions for aerospace and mold making applications, the new CompactCobot is a universal solution for measuring surface quality and dimensional accuracy of components.

Alicona-Cobots combine a collaborative 6-axis robot with an optical 3D measuring sensor, delivering repeatable and traceable measurements in high resolution also in a production environment. Usage, programming and measuring of taught-in measurement series do not require any prior metrology knowledge. Hand-guided teach-in of measurement series, automated evaluation and a safety concept without conventional protective housing enables optimal integration into an existing production line.

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Quality Drives Productivity

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence will be showcasing its full portfolio of fixed and portable coordinate measuring systems along with its full portfolio of production measurement solutions at this year Control exhibition.

Booth: 5200/5202/5302/5400 Hall 5 For more information: Hexagon Control-2018-Video