Control Expo Preview #3

Focus Variation Optical CMM to be unveiled

The purpose of production measurement technology is to monitor component and process quality. Measuring systems verify the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of components and ensure they are within the required specification and in addition, production measurement technology often reduces setup times for personnel, thereby increasing process reliability as well.

A new Alicona optical measurement solution for production metrology, based on Focus-Variation technology, with a measuring volume of 310 x 310 x 310mm is to be unveiled. Alicona claim the new optical system will revolutionize common coordinate measuring techniques providing the possibilities of measuring dimensions, position, shape and roughness with a single sensor. Focus-Variation combines the small depth of focus of an optical sensor with vertical scanning to provide topographical information from the variation of focus.

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Aberlink CMM going to bigger Xtremes

Aberlink will be demonstrating a larger volume version of its unique non-cartesian Xtreme CMM machine to satisfy the growing demands for automated production inspection. An Xtreme CMM fitted with a new 16 Digital Input/Output Interface will also be exhibited interfaced with a Robot for automatic part loading. The easy to configure I/O Interface will work with any Aberlink CNC CMM and can be quickly managed by the CMM user.

Aberlink will also present a new CMM temperature compensation package, which in addition to multiple part temperature sensors, each of the CMM axis will also include temperature sensors. Aberlink’s MK4 Vision software featuring a wider range of non-contact measurement functions will also be displayed.


Bowers presents redesigned Baty Venture XT Video Machine

Bowers Group will be exhibiting the newly redesigned Baty Venture XT vision system. The video system includes major advances in both capability and software for contact and non-contact measurement. Enhancements include a major redesign of the Fusion software providing users with a self-calibrating zoom lens with field of view error correction and improved auto-focus which can now find and measure from a distance in one move.

Visitors will have the opportunity to find out more about this sophisticated vision system, including the extensive software improvements and its benefits; from the dramatic reduction in program execution times, to effective data transfer for easy generation of reports and certificates.

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Sheet metal inspection and virtual assembly break-out session
GOM are conducting a 90-minute break-out session that will covers sheet metal part inspection in automotive engineering and aimed at experts from quality assurance, production and product development. Small components details of vehicle body components, such as hemmed edges, studs and threads, can be measured preciselywith new software functionality. Several parts can be combined virtually and aligned into one single project allowing digital analysis of part assemblies prior to physical assembly.
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