Control Expo Preview #1

With the most important event in the exhibition calendar for Quality Control and Metrology equipment and services suppliers fast approaching we commence a series of preview articles highlighting a few of the many new and innovative solutions that will be showcased at the Control Exhibition April 24 – 27th April in Stuttgart, Germany.

New Shaft Measuring System with 2D Undercut Measurement

Constantly increasing production quality requirements, shorter product cycles and small lot sizes require a robust flexible measuring technology.

The redeveloped Rotexion universal shaft-measuring device automatically detects all geometric external contours of rotationally symmetrical workpieces with diameters up to 125mm with lengths up to 400mm (optionally 600mm dia & 800mm lengths). A 2D profile sensor allows the measurement of contours in areas difficult-to-access such as undercuts can be measured.

The tactile measurement process and robust design enable use in the production environment. The intuitive RotoWare software with touch screen enables fast manual measurements as well as the creation of complex automated measurement procedures in expert mode.

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Heidenhain Launch High Accuracy Automatic Rotary Axis 

A highly accurate automated rotary axis is an extremely complex assembly of technology components. Heidenhain will introduce its SRP 5000, a system solution, that integrates bearings, measuring device and torque motor into one integrated rotary module.

SRP 5000 will make it easier for measuring equipment manufacturers to use a highly integrated assembly, fully tested and with specified performance, instead of integrating the numerous individual components themselves eliminating assembly, adjustment and performance risks.

The SRP5000 offers extremely smooth motion control for highly accurate positioning and measuring tasks, the angle measuring module with integrated drive is especially optimized for the high demands of metrology applications. SRP5000 delivers a very high resolution and an excellent repeatability even at varying temperatures. Heidenhain manufactures the bearings and high-precision measuring components for the angle measuring module, the torque motors including the AccurET controller close from a close cooperation with ETEL ensuring the perfect integration of motion technology.

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Modular Part Clamping System

With the Pintec modular clamping system its possible to fix fast and easily difficult shaped work-pieces in the metrology room. Pintec offers a practical and flexible solution to measure quickly complex formed work-pieces.

Often it’s not profitable, to build special fixtures for low production volume parts requiring CMM measurement or inspection. Fast, easy, professional and effective the Pintec fixturing solution provides a solution for difficult and complex formed work-pieces.

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GOM Inspect Software Allows Import and Inspection of CT Data

3D volume models from computer tomographs provide comprehensive data about inner and outer characteristics of a part. Using the GOM Inspect software, users can now easily import volume data in all common formats, including *.vgi, *.vgl, *.pcr, *.exv, *.rek,. GOM Inspect is an evaluation software for 3D measuring data including 3D inspection and STL mesh processing ensuring an independent evaluation of measuring results.

Users can easily drag & drop the volume data into the Inspect software. Workflows are significantly accelerated and simplified by automatic conversion of CT voxel data into STL surface data. Mono and multi-material objects as well as multiple parts can be evaluated. Multiple materials of an object are displayed as separate surface meshes. All surfaces, including internal structures, can be used for shape and dimension analyses or nominal/actual comparisons including GD&T inspection and surface defect map for surface inspection.

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RPI Launches GeoSpin & Quadmatic Rotary Measurement Solutions

GeoSpin has been specifically developed for the measurement and assembly of smaller engines in the aerospace industry in response to huge demand from the industry.

GeoSpin significantly increases the reliability of measurement data, which enables rotor stacking software to accurately manipulate component parts, resulting in precisely aligned rotor assemblies. GeoSpin has been independently verified and proven to offer operational improvements over traditional measurement methods.

QuadMatic delivers accuracy and precision to the CMM industry. Held in granite, it simplifies the measurement of symmetrical or prismatic components including scanning applications by simplifying measuring procedures, increasing CMMs’ application range and effective measuring volume increasing CMM flexibility and productivity.

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