Control Expo 2019 Preview #4

With the most important event in the exhibition calendar for Quality Control and Metrology equipment and services suppliers fast approaching we continue with the 4th in a series of preview articles highlighting a few of the many new and innovative solutions that will be showcased at the Control Exhibition May 7 – 10th in Stuttgart, Germany.

Smart Sensor for Scanning Glass and Specular Surfaces

LMI will be demonstrating its recently launchedGocator 2512 laser line profile sensor, a dedicated high-performance 3D machine vision solution for scanning glass and other specular surfaces. Gocator 2512 has the unique advantage of being able to scan specular and diffuse surfaces simultaneously. The sensor leverages specialized laser projection technology that can handle a wider range of surface angles, material types and surface colors. Gocator 2512 delivers high-speed, reliability and superior data quality in GD&T measurement of component assemblies with challenging surface finishes including transparent, anti-glare, coated/uncoated, low/high contrast, UV and glossy. The sensor is able to generate a precision 3D scan of a cell phone’s cover glass in a surrounding metal or plastic frame, inspecting critical assembly tolerances such as flushness, gap and offset.

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New Dimension in Precision 3D Metrology

GE Inspection Technology are inviting visitors to experience a new dimension in precision 3D Metrology with Computed Tomography and a spiral of innovations for significant higher throughput. GE is also bringing inspection data to life with its Phased Array, Ultrasound, RVI and Radiography NDT products. The latest generation Mentor Visual iQ is the first portable HD, 3D measurement-enabled video borescope system delivering cutting edge HD image quality with TrueSight, a rugged and ergonomic design, and advanced detection and analysis powered by Real3D. Fully connected with Bluetooth and WiFi-enablement, it comes equipped with advanced software for fast and easy remote collaboration.

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Zephyr III Laser Line Scanner Launching

The arrival of the new Zephyr III from Kreon at Control is stated to bring significant additional CMM productivity. The Zephyr III is dedicated to scanning speed without sacrificing accuracy. With a 150 mm laser line width and an acquisition speed of 600,000 points per second, it can quickly scan very complex and large parts in the smallest detail. Uniquely Zephyr III, due to its integrated touch probe directly under the laser scanner, allows touch probing and scanning measurements in the same inspection task. The Zephyr III is one of the most versatile scanners on the market and can be used on a large number of machines including CMMs, Kreon measuring arms, optical trackers, machine tools and robots.

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Gear Metrology System With Full Flank Form Laser Scanning 

Gleason’s versatile 300GMSL Gear Metrology System provides tactile probing methods for inspecting conventional gear characteristics on spur and helical cylindrical gears as well as straight, spiral and hypoid bevel gears with a diameter of up to 300 mm. In addition, the new inspection system allows non-contact laser sensor scanning of tooth flanks to support gear development. Complete topography data can be recorded far more rapidly than with conventional tactile probing, with comparable results – depending on the tooth flank surface. The integration of laser scanning and associated 3D graphics with CAD interface considerably expand both the functionality and the range of applications making the 300GMSL the ideal solution for research and development applications, for both prototype and production parts.

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GOM ScanBox BPS Provides High Throughput and Increased Process Reliability

GOM has developed the ATOS ScanBox BPS to achieve even faster cycle times, for applications found in turbine blade manufacturing or electrode production. A batch processing system enables automated loading and unloading of the optical 3D coordinate measuring machine. For this reason, the ATOS ScanBox is extended by a handling system and a programmable logic controller. ATOS ScanBox BPS is the solution for full-field digitizing of parts with a height of up to 500 mm. Because the parts are marked with an RFID chip the system independently detects which measuring program must be executed and which inspections are to be performed. Due to the batch processing system, robust and repeatable measuring values for fast process control are acquired eliminating the impact of the user on the measurement significantly increases the process reliability.

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Zeiss Introduce New Electric Vehicle eSolutions 

At this year’s event Zeiss is inviting attendees to experience a networked portfolio of hardware and software products without compromising on precision in production; visitors can discover a new ZEISS eSolutions approach to quality assurance for electric vehicle power-trains including battery. Zeiss will also be challenging visitors to see the invisible with its X-Ray Series portfolio, taking nondestructive testing, metrology and analysis to a new level. Zeiss are scheduling booth tours in advance; tours include the entire stand with all highlights and additional tours in the specialist areas including Quality Intelligence, Production Solutions, Measuring Room Solutions, eSolutions and X-Ray. Tour tickets can be obtained on-line.

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