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Control 2020 – “The Place to Be!”

In just two months time the next world’s leading trade fair for quality assurance (5 to 8 May 2020) – the 34th Control international trade fair for quality assurance will take place. It’s the most important international technical event covering all aspects of vision technology, image processing and sensor technology, as well as measuring and test technology.

For numerous exhibiting companies, Control is the year’s most important trade fair – an industry event which has become increasingly international and hosts a 33% share of foreign exhibitors. Statements issued by trade fair participants in 2019 underscored the importance of Control as a globally recognized, leading technology, communication and business platform for all aspects of quality assurance in industrial production. “Outstanding each and every year, again and again!” “The Place to Be!” The international market leaders meet here to discuss the issue of zero-defects production with well-informed, highly interested visitors from actual industrial practice, and to develop new solutions.

“By Far Germany’s Most Important Trade Fair”

For example, Control is by far Germany’s most important trade fair for Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik GmbH in Oberkochen, as confirmed by Michael Lücke, head of Events and Trade Fairs, Corporate Brand and Communications at Zeiss: “Expert visitors at the trade fair come exclusively from the field of quality assurance, which is precisely our target group.” The company regularly coordinates new product launches to Control’s event schedule. Zeiss describes this year’s trade fair focal point with its motto, “connect to productivity and manufacture a better future”. “We’ll be on hand with a comprehensive presentation of products and solutions for quality assurance in leading industries such as automotive, aerospace, machinery manufacturing and other sectors, and will exhibit options for integrated QA solutions for the first time after acquiring GOM,” explains Michael Lücke. “Together with GOM, Zeiss will focus attention on QA solutions for the aerospace industries.”

Zeiss stresses Control’s outstanding benefits for expert visitors: “The event provides a compact overview of all leading QA solutions,” says Michael Lücke in summing up visitor advantages. “All of the exhibitors unveil their latest developments and innovations in the field of quality assurance here. Offerings of this sort aren’t available at any other trade fair in such a concentrated format. And this is of course augmented by extremely important personal contact with manufacturers and customers from the same field of technology.”

“Precisely Our Target Group”

Professor Dr. Heiko Wenzel-Schinzer, CDO at WENZEL GROUP GmbH & Co. KG, also stresses the significance of Control: “As the world’s leading trade fair for quality assurance, Control is our trade fair highlight every year. With its numerous world premieres, products and solutions, Control draws large numbers of expert visitors who fit precisely into our target group. We offer them the hardware and software they need to meet their requirements. We’re also able to provide our customers with advice at the event on how to optimize their measuring technology infrastructure, and thus their processes as well.”

Professor Wenzel also emphasizes the special benefits for expert visitors: “The trade fair bundles all of the competence of the entire market. Customers can compare various offerings with minimal legwork, which of course saves time and money. And visitors are able to establish valuable contacts.”

Current Trends: Integrated Solutions, Networked Production, Artificial Intelligence

Professor Wenzel makes reference to this year’s clear-cut current trends: “In addition to the trend towards solutions which can be readily integrated into the customers’ production processes, other issues such as networked production and artificial intelligence are thrusting themselves to the forefront. In particular for mid-sized companies, this is a great challenge. 

Driving Force in QA, Event Forum, Communication Platform, Röntgen Year

Once again this year, the Fraunhofer IPA will organize an event forum. The special show will deal with all aspects of the issue of “Trends in Quality Assurance – Digitalization, Automation and A.I. in Practice”. Trade fair visitors are provided with the opportunity of gathering comprehensive information in a targeted fashion concerning pioneering technologies and the possible uses of modern measuring and test technology. Demonstrations will offer insights into how concepts involving digitalization and various automation solutions can be applied in practice by means of, among other things, image and signal processing, as well as artificial intelligence methods such as machine learning. Attention is focused on practical implementation in the field of quality assurance, which will be demonstrated at the trade fair booth on the basis of examples. Furthermore, trade fair visitors are provided with the opportunity of identifying and evaluating AI applications for their own tasks.

This year, the Fraunhofer IIS is celebrating the discovery of X-ray radiation 125 years ago by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. And thus “Röntgen Year” will also be an issue at Control. As always, the Fraunhofer Development Centre for X-Ray Technology in Fürth, Germany, will be represented as an exhibitor at the booth operated by Fraunhofer Vision..

Control 2020: Next Level Quality Assurance!

Again this year, the organizers of the Control trade fair are keeping pace where transformation and quality improvement are concerned, and are advancing to the next level with cutting-edge product and service offerings which provide users with new approaches and comprehensive, genuine solutions to all problems related to industrial QA: “Next level quality assurance!” Control’s trade fair concept supports a direct exchange of technical information among suppliers and users, and assures the transfer of technology all the way down to the depths of routine daily production.

During April Metrology News will be publishing a number of ‘Control Previews’ introducing new products and innovations being showcased this this years event. We will also be walking the floor and publishing real-time news as it happens at Control.

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