Confocal Rotating Bore Measurement Sensor

The Micro Epsilon boreCONTROL is designed for the inspection of small bore holes of ø4 mm and larger. The measurement system consists of a sensor with integrated rotary drive, a motor controller, a sensor controller and an exchangeable sensor lance.

The boreCONTROL sensor is designed for non-contact diameter measurement and surface analysis. The sensor is easy to set up and configure, providing high precision information about the quality of bore holes or cavities operating in the range from 4mm to 16mm diameter. boreCONTROL is based on confocal chromatic sensor technology. The rotating sensor lance enables a circular measurement.

The sensor can be used to measure a number of bore-hole characteristics including diameter, roundness, concentricity, taper and straightness. A sophisticated integrated precision ball-bearing system provides the required rotation stability.

Dynamic repeatability fo the boreCONTROL sensor is stated as 1 micron.

The confocal chromatic measuring principle offers the following advantages:

  • Non-contact measurement with small light spot
  • High resolution in radial & axial direction
  • High dynamics (sampling rate up to 25kHz)
  • Applicable on most materials

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