Confocal Line Scan Sensor Offers Fast 3D Measurement

The CHRocodile CLS offers industry fast, non-contact inline 3D inspection measuring in the sub-µm range including coplanarity, topography and bump height even on highly reflective materials.

The CHRocodile CLS, chromatic confocal line scan sensor, offers fast 3D measurement of 384,000 points per second with nanometric scale resolution. Due to its robust and highly integrated design, CHRocodile CLS is perfectly suited for easy integration into inspection machines in the production line, including harsh industrial environments. An outstanding dynamic range and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio make the CHRocodile CLS a measuring tool for all materials – including polished and highly tilted surfaces.

The CHRocodile CLS has an unparalleled lateral resolution of up to 1.0 µm and no shadowing due to perpendicular probe beams. The wide range of probes for the CHRocodile CLS offers the choice of either a long line of up to 8 mm or a shorter line with an outstanding lateral resolution of up to 1 µm.

A white light source is used to illuminate the surface of a part. The light travels via fiber from the CHRocodile control unit to an optical probe which then spreads the focal length over a discrete number of points creating a full spectrum of light. Based on the wavelength of the reflected light, a very precise distance measurement can be taken up to 66,000 times per second. The optical probe determines the measuring range, or focal depth of the spectrum.

With its unrivaled performance-to-price ratio, CHRocodile CLS is the best choice for ultra fast 3D inspection.

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