Computed Tomography Webinar Series Announced by Volume Graphics

Volume Graphics has announced a series of webinars providing the opportunity to learn the role Computed Tomography can play in quality assurance, metrology, automated inspection, simulation, and geometry correction.

The topics will be covered in 5 free webinars being hosted over 5 days – March 19 – 23. Each seminar will occur at 4 pm (European Time, 11.00 am USA EST)  The Friday seminar is at 2 pm European Time, 9.00 am USA EST.

Industrial CT is the ideal basis to find out as much about your products and materials as possible – and non-destructively at that. Why? Because a CT scan reveals every aspect of an object, even those that would remain hidden when using other inspection methods. However, industrial CT can only unfold its full potential when combined with the right software. In this webinar, you’ll learn about: – Methods for destructive and non-destructive testing – Benefits of CT compared to other inspection methods – How CT works – Application areas of CT – Industries frequently using CT – Trends in CT – Getting started with CT

A computed tomography (CT) scanner can be turned into a comprehensive and precise metrology device with just a few clicks. In contrast to tactile and optical methods, industrial CT holistically scans all surfaces of an object, even if they are inside your part or difficult to capture. In this webinar, you’ll learn about: – Limitations of optical scanners – Benefits of using CT – Examples of applications and geometry functions – A typical workflow for CT based metrology and how it relates to GD&T (including live demo) – Automation of metrology workflows – Getting started with CT-based metrology with Volume Graphics products.

Any automated inspection solutions needs to keep up with the extremely short production cycles in today’s manufacturing. Industrial CT does that – and much more. Compared with 2D X-ray, tactile, and optical methods, it offers much more information. This opens up the widest range of application possibilities. With the right software, you can take advantage of the possibilities CT offers when automatically inspecting your products. In this webinar, you’ll learn about: – How easy the set-up of automated inspection solution can be – Which analysis options it offers – How scalable such a solution is – Which automated applications are possible in initial sample inspection or supplier qualification – How to use an automated inspection solution for regular interval inspection in at-line as well as in-line quality control.

Wouldn’t it be efficient if you could see directly on a computed tomography (CT) scan whether a part would fail in practice? Going a step beyond simply finding defects and analyzing them, Volume Graphics software allows users to simulate the behavior of complex parts and thus test their strength virtually – and completely non-destructively. In this webinar, you’ll learn: – How to increase your efficiency with virtual strength tests – How the effects of defects such as porosities or geometry deviations can be taken into account – Which applications in lightweight construction are possible – How to apply virtual strength tests in the design and manufacturing of complex shapes (e.g., in additive manufacturing).

To stay ahead of your competition you need to keep the quality up and the time to market short. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a software that helps you lower the number of faulty parts and the number of iterations? In this webinar, you’ll learn: – About conventional tool correction workflows in injection molding and metal casting – How to reduce the number of iterations to 1 – How to merge manufacturing, inspection, and mold cavity correction into one seamless digital workflow (including live demo) – About the advantages of the new workflow – Which Volume Graphics products are suitable for metrology and tool correction.

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