Computed Tomography Technical Symposium

North Star Imaging has announced a Computed Tomography Technical Symposium April 29th and April 30th at St. Michael Cinema in St. Michael, Minnesota.

The two-day conference will include local, national and international speakers discussing the latest in Digital Radiography and Computed Tomography systems and technology.

Whether you are currently using X-ray and/or Computed Tomography equipment or you are new to the technology, the NSI X-ray and CT Symposium will be beneficial.

Current technology users will gain more advanced knowledge of equipment, components and techniques and be able to use it to improve their own operations, efficiency and quality. Those interested in learning about X-ray and Computed Tomography will get to hear from peers within their industry discuss how they utilize the technology and the impact it has on their organization.

The conference topics will include:

  • Latest advancements in X-ray tube and detector technology
  • Recent developments in advanced evaluation software
  • Scanning techniques for improved resolution and accuracy
  • Industry-first innovations for increased scanning envelope and resolution

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