Compensate Software Simplifies Volumetric Compensation

Renishaw Compensate is a new addition to its CARTO software suite. It allows users of the Renishaw XM-60 multi-axis calibrator to apply volumetric compensation to machine tools in a rapid and straightforward process.

Even when machine tools are new, there are positioning errors in multiple degrees of freedom that vary throughout the working volume. During the normal operational life, machine performance will continue to degrade due to mechanical wear. This often results in difficulty in achieving desired tolerances, leading to increased scrap of components. When volumetric compensation is applied, the machine tool controller automatically applies a correction to reduce these errors. This process can be performed quickly by capturing calibration data with XM-60 and using Compensate to generate a volumetric compensation table. The result is consistent performance across the entire machine tool working volume.

XM-60 has become established as the market leading solution for direct measurement of all six degrees of freedom (linear, vertical and horizontal straightness, pitch, yaw and roll errors) on a machine tool axis. These six degrees of freedom are measured simultaneously and automatic sign detection for error directions avoids mistakes in data processing. The measurement is gravity independent so can be used to measure X, Y or Z axes and even diagonal motion. All these factors make XM-60 the perfect solution for volumetric compensation.

Compensate is compatible with Siemens 840D Solution Line controllers that have the Siemens VCS option (A3, A5 or A5 plus) installed. More controller options will be available in future releases.

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