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Compact Laser Distance Sensor with Gyro Monitor Function

Keyence Japan has launched a new compact range of green laser distance measuring sensors. Despite being a CMOS laser sensor, it achieves an ultra-compact size of just 9.4 mm x 27 mm x 17 mm and can be installed in the most compact of spaces, previously not possible with sensors typically up to x10 larger in size.

The LR-X series detects the distance to the object, not the amount of light received. The standard detection step is a minimum of 0.5 mm, which can be used for thin object detection. Furthermore, with a high dynamic range of up to 3 million times, stable detection is possible without being affected by the color and shape of the object.

With the LR-X series, displayed contents can be easily read, allowing anyone to intuitively operate and manage. The display language is available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and German,

Industry First Gyro Monitor Function

For the first time in the industry, the photoelectric sensor is equipped with a gyro monitor. If the sensor rotates due to an impact such as a collision and the sensor position shifts, notification of the abnormality is provided reducing the risk of manufacturing line defects and issues.

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