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Compact 3D Multi-Laser Line Scanner Launched

SCANTECH from Hangzhou, China has announced the global launch of its all new SIMSCAN hand-held, hand sized, multi-line laser scanner. Weighing only 570g the compact SIMSCAN is just 203 mm x 80 m x 44 mm in size. “SIMSCAN is the first ‘hand-sized’ 3D scanner in the market, a revolutionary product, and a disruptive innovation in the 3D optical metrology industry” stated the company at product launch.

No matter in narrow spaces, or under huge objects, SIMSCAN performs high-quality 3D scanning without any restriction of working environment. The metrology-grade measurement system helps capture every detail rapidly constructing a 3D model. Designed under minimalism, the metal shell enables SIMSCAN to achieve a balance between weight and performance.

SIMSCAN is achieved after years of SCANTECH’s development in the metrology field. The SCANTECH research and development team had been analyzing past developments and pondering on one question: “Can the new generation of products surpass the previous 3D scanners and be more perfect in terms of structure and performance?” After two years of development and optimization, according to SCANTECH, the answer is yes and brings SIMSCAN to market. With ‘SIM’ from a sim card and the word simple, both of which highlight the small size of SIMSCAN fits into the palm of the users hand.

SIMSCAN provides 11 crossed blue laser lines for fast data capturing. With a measuring speed of 2.02 million times per second the device allows users to have 3D measurement whenever and wherever possible with a measurement accuracy of 0.020 mm. SIMSCAN is manufactured from aerospace grade materials to provide long-lasting durability. Multi-functional button provide ergonomic control of the scanning process with a scanning area of 410 mm x 400 mm. The ultra HD camera lens provides a wide angle field of view for fast scanning. A non-slip ergonomic grip design ensures flexible and secure measurements.

SIMSCAN has also secured the 2021 Red Dot Award, one of the largest and most influential design competitions worldwide.

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