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Combining Robotic Doppler Vibrometry and Optical 3D Scanning

Topometric GmbH has announced that it is building a combined robotic Doppler vibrometry and optical 3D scanning system. Topometric, founded in 2001, is one of the leading service centers in the field of industrial 3D measurement technology in Germany. The spectrum of Topometric’s expertise includes both optical and tactile 3D measurement technology and the planning and creation of automated optical robot measuring cells.


In the coming months, several fully automatic measuring cells will be created which will combine laser Doppler vibrometry and optical 3D scanning for the first time. It was more than three years ago that their customer came up with the idea of ​​combined test benches. The big challenge was to develop and implement three test benches, which vehicle bodies can be analyzed both dynamically and statically.

Engineers from the Topometric automation team saw the role being general contractor for this project at a very early stage and therefore applied to the tender. With longstanding partnerships with GOM for the area of ​​3D digitization and Polytec for 3D laser vibrometry technology, together with these market leaders, Topometric will combine the synergies of the different systems in the area of ​​robotics and virtual programming.

The RoboVib Structural Test Station from P0lytec combines a 3D Scanning Vibrometer with an industrial robot – to create a productive vibration analysis solution. The automated measuring station automatically tests everything from complex components to entire vehicle bodies. Both the amount of time required and the sources of error in experimental modal analysis are reduced significantly allowing to thoroughly test a vehicle body in just one to two days.

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